General Music 5th grade

♫  Welcome to 5th grade general music with Mrs. Woppman♫  

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Course Description:

This class is designed to provide the students with a broad range of music knowledge, including: music notation, theory and terminology, instruments, composers, and multi-cultural music. This goal is accomplished through  singing, playing recorders and various percussion instruments, movement and written work.


Classroom Routines

Students will:

  • Apply the elements of music and musical techniques in order to sing and play music with accuracy and expression
  • Interpret the sound and symbol systems of music.
  • Create music using a variety of sound and notational sources.
  • Understand the interacting elements to respond to music and music performances.
  • Understand global, interdisciplinary, and 21st century connections with music.


Classroom Expectations

Self-discipline is an important element for success in music class and life.  Students are expected to to be a leader by following all school and classroom  rules with a positive attitude:


WE ARE….Respectful….Responsible…Kind…Safe! WE ARE RAM LEADERS!



Any student who does not follow music class and school rules will receive appropriate consequences. Including, but not limited to:

  • Warning and redirection
  • Reflective writing assignment
  • Parent Referral Form
  • Office Discipline Referral Form/ loss of free time


Class Supplies

  •    Pencil – Students should have a sharpened pencil at the beginning of each class. Erasable pens, Pens, Sharpies, and markers are not    acceptable.
  •    Pocket Folder with brads – Students should provide and bring to each music class a folder with pockets, brads and notebook paper for    the storage of class notes and assignments.
  •    Recorder - Students will play a Baroque Soprano C major recorder and will be required to have one in class once we  begin.  The school will take orders for your convenience.

  • Class room participation 50%
  • Written assignments and skill demonstration 25%
  • Responsibility 25%


Grading Scale

  • A 90-100
  • B 80-89
  • C 70-79
  • D 60-69
  • F 50-59



After reading through the 5th grade general music syllabus,  please detach this portion of the form, sign and return it to Mrs. Woppman as an acknowledgment that you have read and understand the requirements for this course. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at


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