Reading Log: Read 20 minutes for 4 nights each week.  Logs will be collected March 23rd for Asheville Tourist Mr. Moon Reading challenge.  Students who complete the logs will receive 1 voucher (5 tickets) for a baseball game.    

ELA Vocabulary WIG:  I can show that I know 20 out of 25 academic vocabulary words for ELA. The list will be cumulative each week.  

1.  Main Idea: what the text is mostly about
2.  Text Evidence:  a part of the text that supports the answer
3.  Determine:  Figure Out
4.  Text Features:  something added to informational text that gives the reader a better understanding. 
5.  Selection:  a certain part or portion of the text
6.  Analyze:  study closely (examine)
7.  Examine:  read or study closely (analyze)
8.  Identify:  Discover, establish, or find
9.  Summarize:  a short statement or explanation of the main points
10.  Compare:  finding what is the same
11.  Contrast:  Finding what is different
12.  Infer:  drawing a conclusion, making an educated guess based on what the text says.
13. Theme:  what the author want you to learn.
14.  Support:  to hold up, similar ideas
15.  Influence:  the affect of one thing to another.
16.  Text:  words or print in the reading passage. 

Book in a Bag Project