Useful Information


Instructor: Mrs. Deborah Passmore          Room: 609            Subjects:  6th grade Math and Science

Email:  [email protected]  Email is the best method to contact me.

Phone: 828.684.1295  If a  phone call is necessary, the best time is between  9:20 and  9:50.

Conference: If you haven’t heard from me but would like a conference please contact me and we can set one up.

Materials needed for Math and Science are:

  *Two sturdy folders with pockets.

 *2 Bound composition notebooks

  *Several packs of wide-ruled notebook paper

  *Several packs of #2 pencils

 *Hand held pencil sharpener that collects shavings

 *Colored pencils

 *Earbuds, stylus, and cleaning cloth for computer

Science Course Description:

Sixth grade science uses an inquiry-based format using the 5 E’s

Science topics include:

1-    Energy/Matter (approximately 7 weeks)

2-    Lithosphere (approximately 3 weeks)

3-    Plants/ Ecosystems (approximately 5 weeks)

4-    Space (approximately 4 weeks)

For more detail see NC essential standards:

Grades: (assignment categories are weighted)

  * Tests 40%

  * In class 20%

 * Homework/Participation 10%

 * Quizzes /Projects 30%

Parents will be able to check their child's grades on our Parent Portal at


Science is a subject that requires students to retain prior and current knowledge. Completion of daily class work and studying every night is essential in order acquire science skills and to be prepared for assessments. Students will be expected to participate in all lessons and group/partner work.

Make-up Work Policy:

Students will be expected to follow school policy in the online student agenda regarding make-up work. Students will have access to missed handouts on Canvas or can receive a paper copy in the classroom. Students can obtain missed notes from a team mate or off my website. (Information synthesized during activities and discussions is difficult to translate into notes so being present whenever possible is important.)

Attendance Policy:

Students will be expected to follow the school attendance policy.

Behavior expectations:

Koontz expectations: Koontz is a Leader in Me School, (The 7 Habits).  Students are expected to take responsibility for their education and actions. This is followed up with the Positive Behavioral model (PBIS) to reward students for good behavior. See agenda for details.

Classroom expectations:

  1. Be in class on time with materials ready

  2. Be kind and respectful of others with actions and words

  3. Follow directions the first time given and listen attentively

  4. Work cooperatively, stay on task and do not disrupt others

  5. Take responsibility for your actions

Teacher expectations:

    Have integrity

If a student makes a poor choice:

(Sequence may vary due to frequency or severity of behavior)

*Warning/conference with student

*If behavior continues, consequences may include: behavior reflection sheet, seat change, time out, loss of privileges,  loss of social/free time,  parent contact

**Student will be referred to the office in cases of severe or continued misbehavior.  Please see the PBIS matrix for specifics.


Praise, pride, LEAD tickets, social/free time, and happy teachers  :)