Social Studies
"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."   
2020 Census Video
More info about the census

Black Lives Matter at School

The Atlantic Slave Trade
Black Lives Matter at School
The Sit-In Movement
The Freedom Riders History
Rosa Parks Interview
Claudette Colvin
What Do You Know? 6-12 year olds talk about gays and lesbians.

The Silk Road Part 1

The Silk Road Part 2

The Silk Road Part 3

Ancient China Webquest Site

Ancient China

The Five Major World Religions

5 Themes of India Booklet Assignment

Build a Turkey

5000 Years History of India

Day of the Dead

Ancient Egypt History for Kids

Immortal Egypt-The Road to the Pyramids (video)

The History of Writing

Dollar Street- look at how others live
Dollar Street project
See How the Rest of the World Lives Organized by Income- Ted Talk

Ancient Greek Mythology project- due October 31st

More good websites!

Library of Congress
Engaging Congress
Eagle Eye Citizen

Cave Art
Google Maps
Oregon Trail
Ancient Egypt

You Are the Historian
The First Thanksgiving

Creation Myths

7 Greatest Philosophers in Chinese History

6th grade Social Studies Curriculum
Beginnings of Man 3500 BC
Fertile Crescent 3500-500 BC 
Ancient Egypt 3100 BC-350 AD
Ancient India and China 2500 BC- 1911 AD
Ancient Greece 2000 BC-146 BC
Ancient Rome 900 BC-476 AD
Middle Ages and Renaissance 500 AD-1500 AD
Mayans, Aztecs and Incas 
Here are some things to expect from 6th grade Social Studies:
* first formal look at a study of the world
* heavy focus on geography to understand the emergence, expansion and decline of civilizations and societies from the beginning of human existence to the Age of Exploration
* a look at the development of economic, political and social systems
* an examination of the various factors that shaped the development of civilizations, societies and regions in the ancient world
* a study of various civilizations, societies and regions from every continent -Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas