I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!  
Team reminders:
* Your child should have brought their report card home on Friday.  Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to schedule a conference.  The grades overall were much lower than 1st 9 weeks.  Several of you received an email asking for a conference, please get back to us as soon as possible so we can discuss changes that need to be made so your child can successfully finish out the year.
* This week, we are implementing a new policy in both of our classrooms.  Because of the high number of times some students are asking to leave our classrooms, everyone will now be given 5 opportunities to leave the room each day.  This will include bathroom visit, water fountain, locker, media center, office visit, etc. and your child has ONLY the 5 passes each day.  They do not carry over to the next day.  If they have to go over the 5 passes given to them you will be notified and they will make up the time during lunch with a "working lunch" that day.  
* If you are making payments for the field trip in April, the 2nd payment is due by January 24th!
* Please remind your child to turn in any overdue books to the Media Center this week!

ELA/Social Studies:
Quote overheard this week: "Broccoli is like little fairy trees." -Selma
* The new homework and assignment requirements in my classroom allow me to finalize grades each week with more accuracy.  The grade your child has on Friday can only be changed with the turning in of late work no more than 3 days after it is due.  Hopefully, this will help you as you support and encourage your child to complete their school responsibilities.  If you have not yet signed up for Powerschool please get your sign up information from the school office this week.  You can then download the Powerschool app and changes to grades come immediately across your phone.  
* Starting this week, I will have the next week's homework ready on Fridays in case your child wants to go ahead and pick it up!  It is not mandatory that they get it early, it will still be due the following Thursday.  Some students requested this because they are so busy during the week. 
Class needs:
Clorox wipes
Lysol spray

I hope everyone had a great weekend and that their new year is off to a great start! A few notes from math and science class:
  • In math, we will be taking our unit test this week on Unit Rates and Percents on Thursday. 
  • In science class, we will be continuing our look into the layers of the earth and moving into plate tectonics!
  • Please remind our scholars that PEAK Time is to be used for completing their PEAK Time work. With time given every day in class to complete the weekly activities, there should be more of their smiling faces participating in Fun Friday!
  • My homeroom students need to have their report cards signed and sent back to school by this upcoming Friday, 1/17!
  • Classroom needs are still for tissues and Clorox wipes. If someone could donate some we would have some extremely thankful students!
Let's have a wonderful and productive second week of the new semester!

Team news:
* Congratulations to Sophia for being voted as January's Student of the Month for Mr. Kerns' homeroom!
* We welcome Garrett to our team and to our school!  We are so glad you're here!
* Congratulations to Nick, Keyvin, and Estefany for being LEAD ticket winners last week! 
* Great job to Fisher for hard work over the break!  He built a ukelele, redid a table with his aunt, and is still working on his garage!
* We are happy that Will is ok after falling down the stairs, we are glad he got his dizziness checked out!
* Jaydan's new earrings look great!
* Vanessa's haircut is beautiful! 
* Michelle's hair also looks great! 
* We hope Bishop did well at his basketball game this weekend! 
* Kash and Nick's cursive writing looks great! 
* Thank you to Will and Fisher for donating books to our classroom! 
* Thank you to Theo for always letting me borrow books and Mad Magazines! 
* Congratulations to Kade, Fisher, Keira, and Tatianna on getting new phones!
* We hope Jackson has a great time with his grandparents this weekend! 
* We hope LaRon and Kay did well at their basketball tournament this weekend. 
* Logan had a cool project idea using recycled water bottles! 
* Will is working on a great fundraising idea! 
* We hope Camila and Kayla are back with us next week! 
* We are happy that Sophia's aunt got to visit from Montana!
* Thank you to Naomi for making me a cool bracelet! 
* We hope Kash's grandma's foot feels better soon!
* Garrett, Jackson, Gage, and Rashaun's haircuts look great! 
* Amelia did fantastic at her first gymnastics meet of the season!  She finished 3rd in Vault and 8th overall!  Way to go Amelia!
* Thank you to the following students for sharing cool things with us during Show and Tell last week: 
Tav- homemade computer
Logan- rock and mineral collection
Lisa- awesome drawings
Theo- his new Kindle
Alora- Farside collection
Important dates this week:
Tuesday- Media Center book check out day
Wednesday- Happy Birthday Briance!
Friday- Happy Birthday Elvin!
            Early release day
            2nd 9 weeks awards ceremony 10:30
Good links to check out:
Click here for other important dates throughout the year!
Have a great week!
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