I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break and a Happy Easter!  It's hard to believe that there are now only 36 more days of school left!

Did you clean out your closet over break?  Have extra coats you won't wear anymore?  Click below for information about a coat drive going on right now!
Team reminders:
* Please remind your child that Doritos, Takis, and Cheetos are not allowed in our classrooms. They may be brought for lunch, but not for snack.
* If you would like to help out our school by being a proctor during EOGs on May 29th-30th please contact the school for details!
* If you would like to schedule a parent/teacher conference click the link below!  We will be updating it soon with more days and times.  I would love to meet with everyone one last time to go over your child's progress and things to think about for middle school! 
* We are planning an end of year picnic at Lake Julian!  If you have not yet selected your preference of days, please do so quickly so I can reserve our spot.  Click here for the link to vote on the day that works best for you!

ELA/Social Studies:
* This week is our Activist Week!  If you have not RSVP'd for tomorrow night, April 22nd at 6:00 PM, please email me to do so as soon as you can.  I hope everyone can be there!  Thank you to all who have emailed already, so far there are only 10 who have responded.  Your child does not have to wear their uniforms and if they could wear all black that would be great!  Thank you to McColl who has agreed to be our host for the evening! 
​​* This week we will also be:
​- honoring Earth Day by spending some of our classtime tomorrow (April 22nd) outside (please allow your child to bring a towel, pillow and/or blanket to sit on, sunglasses, sunscreen, and anything else they might want to bring to make their time learning outside comfortable)​
​- starting our final class novel of the year, Frightful's Mountain
- going over our reading NC Check In we took before break
- working on spelling, punctuation, and grammar
- analyzing and writing poetry
* In Social Studies, we will continue to learn about ancient China, take a quiz on things we have learned so far, and preparing for our social heirarchy activity (thank you to Anne for this idea!)
notebook paper
sugar free chewing gum (we are collecting this for testing time, helps with concentration!)
-The week before Spring Break, both classes took a vote on whether or not they wanted to take their Unit 6 post test before or after the break. Both classes majority picked before, so we took the test on Friday. I've already imported the grades into Power school so you can see how their grades, before corrections, affect their overall score. Corrections are due May 6th.
-Please make sure you're checking PowerSchool and reading all assignment descriptions, as well as any comments I may make on your child's specific grade. Also, I post due dates for corrections on my website. If you have any questions regarding grades, I highly encourage you to reach out to me by calling the school, emailing me, signing up for a conference, or looking at my website and email signature for my Google Voice number to call or text me.
-Mrs. Parker sent out an email a few weeks ago regarding some behavior problems we are seeing in both of our classes, and I would like to take this moment to address a problem that was mentioned, but I am seeing more frequently in my classroom. Several students lately have been skipping out on my class without asking permission. We've addressed this issue to all students several times throughout the year, and have reminded them that once in middle school, they can be counted as absent and get ISS. If your child is currently not coming to my class, they are getting counted absent (if they are in my homeroom) or missing out on participation and classwork grades I may choose to give out. They also may be written up for leaving class without permission. We take this very seriously so that in case of an emergency, the adult who is supposed to be in charge of your child knows where they are at, and can inform administration, other authorities, and you as a parent if they are not where they're supposed to be. Mrs. Parker and I are in charge of almost 60 students on a daily basis, and in an emergency, we need to know where every child is at. The quickest way to ensure that is by having your child where they're supposed to be. Please discuss this important topic with them at home as we enter in the last few weeks of 6th grade together.
-This week we are starting Unit 7 in math and continuing our unit on Earthquakes.

Team news:
* We hope Shanzay had a great time in Turkey!
* We are happy that Tra got his earring back!
* Congratulations to Kyndal for her new baby chickens!
* Jorden, Demarrion, Ean, Tra, Vik, Riley, and Justin's haircuts look great!
* We hope Philip's grandmother is feeling better and healing well! 
* We hope Riley's surgery went well!
* We love Ean's new shoes!
* We hope Michelle's ankle is feeling better!
* Congratulations to Darius for getting new floors put down in his house! 
* We hope Alex B. and Darius had very happy birthdays over spring break!
* Thank you to Shanzay for letting me borrow an awesome book to read over break!
* We hope Joemar had fun in California!
* We hope Diego had fun in New York!
* We hope Tra had fun in Charlotte and at Carowinds!
* We hope Salvador had fun at his grandma's at the lake!
* We hope KJ had fun in New Orleans!
* We hope Ian had fun in San Antonio!
* We love Mickalya and Tyesha's new shoes!
* Thank you to Efren, Alex P., and Tra for helping out with pictures for the activist project before the break!
* We hope Esther's ankle is feeling better! 
* We hope Philip's foot heals quickly! 
Important events this week:
Monday- MANNA ice cream reward (finally!)
                Activist evening 6:00 PM (please RSVP!)
Tuesday- Social Studies quiz (Parker homeroom)
Wednesday- Afternoon work session 2:45-4:00
Thursday- Grooms homeroom to Valley to visit 7th grade Wax  
                  Museum project              
Friday- Coffee with the Principal (media center 8:00AM for 
             Activist display in the pod 10:00-12:00
             Fun Friday 2:00
***An early reminder that April 29th is Spring, (non-uniform), Picture Day in case your child wants to start choosing their outfit now! ☺
Click here to see more important dates throughout the year! 

Have a great week and welcome back! 


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