I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!  The band and strings concert last week was amazing!  Congratulations to everyone who participated!
Team reminders:
* Please encourage your child to keep their laptops in their sleeves anytime they are not using them.  We are seeing a large number of laptops with damages and even broken screens.  Throughout the week we see laptops laying around facedown on counters and floors, on the concrete at the playground, and chargers are being found everywhere.  If we see they are not being responsible enough to keep their laptops and chargers safe we will be forced to stop allowing your child to take them home.  Their laptop will stay in the classroom until time to use it.  Thank you for your help with this matter.
* I have had to take down our conference sign up form because it continued being tampered with and things erased.  If you want to meet with us for a conference just email and we will work out a time. 

ELA/Social Studies:
* As we were working on our civic engagement projects last week, we discussed that the main goal was to learn to be actively engaged.  Instead of just letting things happen TO us, we want to learn to make positive things happen!  The kids had a cool idea of creating a t-shirt to represent our work towards this goal that will unify us no matter what our research topic is.  If you are interested in ordering a t-shirt let me know!  I am still waiting on a price from the t-shirt company I use, but I wouldn't think they would be more than $15.00.
* I am making some changes for the 2nd 9 weeks to my grading.  I have several students who, because of a variety of situations outside of school, have a difficult time completing homework.  I always want to make sure the grades I give students accurately reflect their ability and their effort.  For this reason, from now on, ELA homework will be optional.  The assignments I select will be worthwhile and engaging and will, as always, mimic things we are doing in the classroom.  If your child is able to complete them they will only enhance his or her learning.  They will get credit for everything they turn in.  If they are unable to complete any or all assignments they will receive no penalty and, rest assured that, the same skills will be practiced in class.  In this way, the grade on report cards will truly reflect the talent your child has and the progress they are making.  Please let me know if this raises any concerns or if you have any questions. I am attaching the 2nd 9 week's assignments and the due date is December 20th for anything your child is able to turn in.
​* Remember, you can check out all the things we are doing in class by looking at our lesson plans! ​​
Notes From Mr Kerns Classroom:
  • In math we are moving into our unit on ratios! We will be learning how to identify equivalent ratios, create equivalent ratios, and identify where they are used in the real world! 
  • In science class, we will be moving into learning about waves! We will be learning about electromagnetic waves, spectrums of waves, sound waves, and even earthquakes!
  • Please remember that all tests in both of my classes are open notes, and correction opportunities are given! This is important as the weight of test grades is 40% of the overall grade!
  • I am looking forward to our student-led conferences this week! Please remember that this is a chance for your scholar to present how the year is going for them! I look forward to seeing everyone!
  • This week we have Mrs. McKay coming to teach a character lesson during science class on Tuesday!
  • The following items are on the top of the class wish list: dry erase markers, Clorox wipes, and printer paper. If anything could be donated that would be amazing!
  • Looking forward to a fun week!
Team news:
* Good luck to Aydin, Michelle, Kash, Patience, and Bishop for their chorus concert!
* Thank you to Jarred and Jaydan for being so thoughtful and checking on me last week after my regional teacher of the year interview. 
* Congratulations to Tav for being a LEAD ticket drawing winner last week!
* So happy that Asher, Vanessa, Logan, Keegan, Selma, Lisa, Kayla, Aydin, Tav, and Amelia will be participating in the pen pal program this year!  They will be assigned a pen pal from Heather Glen Assisted Living they will write letters to throughout the year then meet them in the spring! 
* Thank you to Tav, Fisher, Keegan, and Baxter for giving advice to 5th graders last week during our partner classroom meeting.
* We are happy that Jarred's cut toe is feeling better!
* Jaydan, Fisher, and Rashaun's haircuts look great!
* We are happy that Logan's mom's knee is healing well!
* We are also happy that Elvin's eye has healed!
* Thank you to Vanessa and Juliette for being such great and enthusiastic classroom helpers!  They also help me to remember things! 
* Thank you to Demarcus for donating pencils to our classroom!
* Congratulations to Fisher, Theo, and Lisa's moms on their new cars!
* We can't wait for Selma to get her new puppy!
* Thank you to Tav for helping me stay organized!
* We are happy that Fisher got to visit his family in Columbia and helped out with some fundraising!
* We hope Theo had a great time camping and we hope his mom and grandma are having a great time in France!
* Bre and Lisa's hair look beautiful!
* Demarcus' hair also looks great!
* We hope Brianna's burned finger feels better!
* Thank you to Alora for saving the life of a cute tiny spider!
* Thank you to Jackson for being such a patient door opener.
* We hope K had a great time in Charlotte this weekend!
* We hope Patience had a great time in Knoxville!
* We hope Kade had a great time at the circus!
* We hope Keyvin had a great time at the Haunted Farm!
* Thank you to Fisher for designing a cool classroom t-shirt!
Important dates this week:
Monday- Chorus concert 7:00 PM
Tuesday- Whole class book checkout
Wednesday- Report cards go home
Thursday- Student Led Conferences 3:30-6:00
Friday- Coffee with the Principal for parents 8:00 AM (I will 
            be doing a presentation about digital portfolios!)
            Dress down day for Eblen $1.00
            Weekly ELA quiz
            Happy Birthday Baxter!
Click here for other important dates throughout the year!
Have a great week! 

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