I hope everyone had a great weekend!
Team reminders:
* If you want to order a t-shirt to wear on April 2nd for Autism Awareness Day, the deadline is March 8th.  The cost is only $10.00 and a picture will be made with all students and staff wearing the shirt.  So far it is only myself, Shanzay, Thomas, Demarrion, Erik, and Ayden who will be wearing the shirts.
* We have had several students out sick with the flu, strep throat, and just bad colds.  Please continue to remind your child to wash their hands, use hand sanitizer, and to keep their hands out of their mouths and nose.  A consistent classroom need, at least for the next couple of months, will be Clorox wipes and Lysol spray.  If you can send any in we would appreciate it!  
* Classroom pictures are this Wednesday.  If you want to purchase one they are $6.00 and an envelope was sent home with your child a couple of weeks ago.

ELA/Social Studies:
* This week we will continue to read and discuss World Without Fish by Mark Kurlansky, a companion to Flush by Carl Hiasson which we will get into soon.  We are having some great discussions about the importance of balance in our ecosystems.
* We will also continue our journey through Black history as we discuss our country's history of discrimination.  
* One of my goals as a teacher is always to spark thinking that goes beyond classroom walls, no matter what topic we are discussing.  Be sure to check out our English Language Arts link often for additions that supplement our learning.  There are some great links that can help you feel connected to our classroom talks! 
Other important links:
* In Social Studies, we will spend one more week in ancient Egypt and create our own sarcophagi!  

-Our Unit 4 post test will be on Tuesday this week, which means our corrections will be due March 5th.
-The next Unit we will be working on is dividing decimals. This should be a smooth transition from our dividing fractions unit.
-We are wrapping up our unit on Matter this week. Next week we will be studying Energy and Waves. 

Team news:
* Thank you to Cessie for being such a great friend to her classmates.
* Shanzay and Aleeza played a great basketball game Friday night!  Way to go girls!
* Riley, Salvador, Alex B., Anthony Johnson, Ben, and Ayden's haircuts look great!
* Our condolences go out to Michelle and Braden for recent losses in their families.
* We hope Trevis' hurt finger feels better soon!
* Congratulations to Cessie for getting a new puppy!
* Thank you to Haley for letting me have a few drops of yummy orange oil to smell in our classroom!
* Thank you to Kyndal for turning in box tops to help our school!
* Thank you to McColl for donating Clorox wipes for our classroom!
* We are so proud of Jake and Philip who will start this week as baseball managers at Valley Springs!
* We love Darius and Joemar's new shoes!
* We hope Sherard's basketball tournament in Tennessee went well this weekend!
* We are so happy that KJ's laptop was found!  Finally!
* Congratulations to Demarrion for being selected as Student Leader of the Week!
* We love Justin's new glasses!
* Great job to Riley for getting work done during our afternoon work session last week! Our next one is February 27th!
* Thank you to Selah, Caleb, Joemar, and McColl for bringing Valentines treats for our activity last week!
* Congratulations to Sherard for moving into a new house!
* Congratulations to Anthony Johnson on the adoption of Sam, a bearded dragon, to his family!
* Congratulations to Shanzay who won a dress down pass by being a LEAD ticket winner!
* We are glad that Cessie is ok after a woodpile fell on her and we hope her sister feels better soon! 
* Thank you to Tra, Jackson, Alex B., and Jazlyn for being such great afternoon cleaners!  Thank you, also, to Alex, Jazlyn, Michelle, and Kyndal for helping clean the cafeteria!
Important dates this week:
Wednesday- Class pictures
Thursday- Box project due
                 1/2 day sub for Mrs. Parker (data meeting)
Friday- Coffee with the Principal 8:00 AM
            Midterms go home
            Box project play time
            Fun Friday 2:00
Click here for more important dates throughout the year!
Have a wonderful week! 

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