Helpful Links

Classroom Links:

Additional links to help review:

Free Rice (A great website to help expand vocabulary!)

Quizlet (This will take you to my personal Quizlet account, with all of our vocabulary lists from the year listed. There are games, flashcards, etc. to help your student learn their vocabulary words. We use this vocabulary tool frequently in class.)

Quizizz (An interactive website that covers a range of topics. Just type in the topic that you want your student to review, and the game begins!)

Mental Floss Monday Links:

Every Monday, we spend the first few minutes of class doing a "Mental Floss Monday." It is a good way to refresh our brains after the weekend and get things flowing again. Check out these awesome websites that we use.

The Kid Should See This

Geo Guess R


SET Daily Challenge

Ken Ken Puzzles

Sodoku Daily Challenge

Generic Educational Links:

EL Curriculum (Learn more about the curriculum we use as our framework.)

Common Core State Standards (All you ever wanted to know about Common Core!) 

Parent Portal (Keep an eye on your student's grades and assignments.)

Seven Habits  (These 7 Habits are what guide us through everything we do at school to help us become positive leaders with outstanding character!)

NCCCS (This site will answer any questions you have about public school curriculum.)