Education Links for Science

"Text Book" Science.png

Our "text book" is a flex book.  It has information about what we are learning, links to videos, links to interactive sites, and review questions.

CK12 - Flexbook

Student canvas course
Students have access to their science course on canvas that has access to many resources including class power points, flexbook,  and more.

Study Jams

  This website has explanation videos with quizzes on many 6th grade science topics.

BrainPop Movies

 This website has quizzes and videos by McGraw-Hill. It is great to use to re-enforce topics being learned in class.

Science News for Kids

 Update science news by topics, directions on how to do experiments, puzzles, games, and more.

Discovery Channel

 Update science news, popular features include virtual and interactive science topics, top games are science related, the discovery of the day, and much more.

Educational Catalog of Computer Games: Science
 Sciene games ton the computer to make learning about science fun.