Math Unit 3 Fraction Addition & Subtraction

Unit 3:    Rectangles, Clocks & Tracks

            Fraction Addition & Subtraction

Unit Focus:

  • Ordering and comparing fractions
  • Finding equivalent fractions
  • Representing fractions using area models (arrays)
  • Representing fractions using linear models (number line)
  • Add and subtract fractions using equivalent fractions with the same denominator

Note:  Student mastery of multiplication facts is extremely important in finding equivalent fractions.




Variety of math related games on “mathplayground”



Fraction Number Line Generator


Thinking Blocks - Modeling Fractions



Fraction Models - Illuminations 



Fraction  Tiles - Drag fractions to compare.  


Fractions Games


Equivalent Fractions - Game


Equivalent Fractions - E-Lab 


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Percents of a Number - Video 


Fractions on a Number Line - Like Pac Man 


Fractions Drag and Drop - Five levels 


Dirt Bike - Practice writing equivalent fractions. 


Colored Fraction Bars



Fraction Tiles Number Line Chart


Equivalence Demonstrator - Place fractions, decimals, and percents on number lines correctly.


Equivalent Fractions Bingo 


Fraction Dolphins - Feed the dolphins by matching equivalent fractions. 


Fraction Mystery Picture - Match equivalent fractions 


Equivalent Fractions - You Tube video. Sharing an odd number.


Matching Fraction Game -  Equivalent Fractions 


Triplets - Create groups of equivalent fractions 


Tug Team - Comparing Fractions 


Falling Numbers - (easy) Parts of a Whole 


Comparing Fractions 


Convert Fractions to Decimals - Interactive


Frosty Fractions - Game for 2 players. Adding with different denominators.


Balloon Pop - Pop balloons in order from smallest to largest - three levels.  


Fruit Shoot - Choose from 3 levels of adding fractions.


Fruit Shoot - Choose from 3 levels of subtracting fractions


Math Splat - Adding and subtracting fractions. 


Equivalent Fractions - Interactive Illuminations. Read the instructions before you begin.


Fraction Monkeys - Ordering Fractions (Must know equivalents) 


Exploring Fractions - Make smoothies!

Fractional Parts of a Set - You Tube video 


Finding the Fraction of a Set - Study Jams video


Fractional Part of a Set - Level 3 - Smart Tutor video 

Fractional Part of a Set - Level 4 - Smart Tutor video 


The Forty Frogs Game - Find fractions of a set.


Convert Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers - Smart Tutor 


Simplify Before You Multiply -  Video 


Decention - Sort fractions, decimals, and percents for the Intergalactic Space Games.


Fractions, Decimals, and Percents - Many games and activities from Johnny's Math Page.


Dartboards of Fractions, Decimals, Percents - Click View Full Screen to play a variety of games.


Line Plots


Introducing Line Plot - Video 


Create a Line Plot  Using Fractions - Video 


Fractions on a Line Plot - Video