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Sherrie Howard, BS, MSHRD, NBCT
Charles T. Koontz Intermediate School
5th Grade Math

Welcome to 5th Grade!  Thank you for visiting this site, and please check the links for additional support for your student in Math and Science.

Your student will need several composition books, glue sticks, pencils and erasers throughout the school year.  Both Math and Science classes will use journals (composition books) that will contain information that is important to their academic success.  Supplemental materials will be glued in their journals to use when completing assignments.  In addition, a 1-inch or 1.5 inch 3-ring binder is needed to place Math, Science, and ELA information.
Math Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday  and provides valuable information about student's thinking and understanding of the current concepts being studied.  Each student will need a composition book (Math Journal) for Math notes, Classwork and support materials.  Support materials that can be used throughout the year will also be found in the back of their journal (measurement chart, multiplication chart, place value chart, etc.).   Please remind your student to use their Math Journal as a resource to guide them through solving any math assignments.  This is an important step in the student's academic success.   This journal will also contain  math vocabulary and examples of how it applies to math concepts.  Their journal should go home each night and used as a reference while completing their assignments.  The students have been instructed to make sure their journal is in their backpack Monday through Thursday.  

At the beginning of each math class, students will participate in a  review of the previous day's concepts and vocabulary words.  This provides an opportunity to have an open discussion among the students where they share any misconceptions or ask for clarification, which is an important aspect of their math success.  This discussion also provides and opportunity to challenge their thinking and help them further develop their critical thinking skills.  

"IXL" is an interactive math program for students to practice and increase their fluency in math skills.  It is important that your student master their multiplication facts as multiplication and division of whole numbers, fractions and decimals is an important part of 5th grade math.

Multiplication and division of whole numbers, decimals and fractions are major works in 5th Grade Math and  knowing their multiplication facts is a very important tool.   Learning   multiplication tables helps 5th graders understand division and fractions, and will give the student an increased level of confidence when working on these math concepts.

Science journals (composition books) will contain notes and vocabulary for each of the science units that are studied in 5th grade.  Homework will range from studying science journal notes or completing reading passages about the concept we are studying. Science vocabulary is an important part of our science units.  Understanding the vocabulary will help the students to analyze questions and participate in class discussions daily. 

Occasionally the students will have assignments in "Gizmos" which is an interactive software program that supports Math and Science concepts we study.  Instructions are provided to assist the students in maneuvering through the interactive sections, while they also complete a series of questions.  

Math and Science "Home Opportunities to Learn" (homework assignments) can be found by clicking the "Homework" link within this site.  The students know how to check the website for assignments when absent. 

Students are expected to make-up the work assignments or complete any journal notes within the next two school days.  If your student is absent for more than one day, please remind them to discuss their missed assignments or tests with me as soon as they return to school.  If you plan to pick up any assignments when your student is absent, please contact the office and leave a message to include the approximate time the information will be picked up.  If possible, please let us know early in the day so we can have it ready prior to your arrival. 
Koontz Intermediate 5th graders are studying "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People."  We focus on these habits in classes throughout the day.  Students will write math goals and will check their progress throughout the quarter.  They are reminded weekly to think about them and to always "Be Proactive, Put First Things First and Begin With The End In Mind."

My email address is posted at the top of this page.  I check email before 7:15 a.m. and after school is dismissed.  In the event I have after school duty or meetings, it may be later than 4:00.  I will try to answer any emails within 24 hours.  Thank you for your patience where this is concerned.   

If there are any transportation changes for the day, please send a note with the student.  If a change occurs after the start of the school day, please call the office prior to 1:30 pm to let them know about the change and they will notify the teacher and student.  

Class DoJo will be used to communicate information to our families.  The sign-up information will be sent home to join our classroom group.    

Also, please be sure to check the Koontz Intermediate website for information regarding the uniform policy and other events that occur throughout the school year.  

We appreciate your support of our 5th graders.

Mrs. Sherrie Howard