Cool Websites for Students


Tagxedo turns words -- famous speeches, news articles, slogans and themes-- into a visually stunning word cloud.


Soak Your Head

"Soak Your Brain" with this concentration game. This is really hard! You need to watch the demonstration a few times to understand how to play. Then play over and over. Eventually you will improve and your score will start to show your ability.


Smart is Fun!

Tons of fun games! 


Art Games and Activities from the National Gallery of Art

Lots of fun creating your own artwork or learning about the famous art, artists, and techniques featured in the National Gallery.


Computer Programming for Kids

Write your first computer program with the Angry Birds, and once you get the hang of it, move on to other programming activities using Light Bot and Tynker. Still want more challenges? Try an introduction to the Python programming language.

Try to guess where you are in the world while playing this fun geography game! 


Sheppard Software

Tons of learning games on a wide variety of topics.
Greg Tang as the author of many children's books. He also has a great website. Play Kakooma, Math Limbo, or Numskill. Practice math skills in many different ways on this interactive site. 

A fun way to work with positive and negative integers, Integer Football sets players up on a football field to solve problems to win or lose the game.

This game allows players to order integers. See how high your score can go!

This is a fun game that requires the player  to combine integers to get a certain number. It allows up to four people!



2048 Number Tile Game

Highly addictive math game!

Become a Crime Scene Investigator and Try to Solve a Roman Mystery

Be a Roman sleuth - use your detective skills to unravel the events behind a mysterious death. You have until dawn to investigate the crime scene, and crack the case. Piece together the puzzle using their evidence, eye-witness testimonies, and perhaps a little detective's intuition.

Kinetic City

This is a WOW website. It is packed with science games.


Virtual Frog Dissection

Conduct your own science experiment! Dissect a frog online.


Colonial Williamsburg Games

Do you enjoy learning history? Play games while learning about the colonial era at this site managed by Colonial Williamsburg. Lots of fun!


Learn Mandarin Chinese

Teach yourself common Mandarin Chinese conversational phrases. Incorporates audio clips to help you with pronunciation.


Do you love a challenge? This site has great puzzles.


Have fun creating your own band and make beautiful music.

Astronomy for Kids


Trivia and Fun Facts

Interesting and strange information on a wide variety of topics. You'll be ready to star as a contestant on Jeopardy! in no time.


NASA's Space Place


Earth and Moon Viewer