AIG Placement Procedures

-A student may be nominated for AIG evaluation by parent, teacher, or himself/herself. Nominations must be received in writing.

-The parent or guardian must sign a "Permission to Evaluate" consent form giving the AIG Specialist permission to administer any required tests and begin the evaluation process.

-The AIG Specialist collects all available information about the student's classroom grades, EOG (achievement) scores, and IQ (aptitude) scores. 

-If necessary, the AIG Specialist administers standardized achievement or aptitude tests to the student.

-AIG Specialist presents documentation to the school-based Academically Intellectually Gifted Identification Team (AIGIT). The AIGIT reviews all data collected and recommends appropriate action related to the student's demonstrated need for differentiation. The AIGIT consists of a school administrator or designee, the AIG Specialist, and two classroom teachers who are licensed or endorsed in gifted education.

-In order to qualify for the AIG Program, students may be identified in one of four pathways. Pathway standards are outlined in the following chart:  BCS Gifted Services Identification Pathways.pdf

-The school-based AIG Specialist will notify parents of the AIGIT decision once determined.