ELA Syllabus

6th grade ELA Syllabus 2017-2018-Final.pdf

Welcome to SIXTH Grade!​  ELA Syllabus 
Welcome back to Koontz! This is going to be a great year filled with fun and learning all at the same time! Here is an overview of what you can expect to see from English Language Arts (ELA) this year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. 
ELA Curriculum:  EL Education The EL Curriculum combines rigorous, standards-aligned content with effective instructional practice, bringing together the “what” and “how” of Common Core Success. It integrates reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills applicable to 6th Grade Common Core Standards.  
● Standards-Based Reading Instruction​ - ​This portion of the day is where students read and analyze grade-level text using a variety of skills to meet our grade-level standards.   We will be utilizing the EL Education curriculum.  
● Standards-Based Writing Instruction ​-​ This portion of the week is where students will write about their reading using a variety of skills to meet our grade-level standards.  
Individual Explorations This time will be spent focusing on a variety of Language Arts skills, including but not limited to: ● Independent Reading ● Vocabulary ● Creative Writing ● Grammar and Mechanics ● Research/Project-Based Learning 
Assessments Throughout the year, we will use a variety of assessments, including but not limited to: ● Benchmark Assessments ● NC Check-Ins (3 times a year) ● Mid-Unit and End-of-Unit Assessment  ● Daily/Weekly Formative Assessments (Exit Tickets) ● Writing and Open-Ended Assessments   
I have read, understand, and agree to the 6th grade Language Arts Curriculum and Assessments:  Parent Initials ______ Student Initials ______ 

 Classroom Expectations ● Come prepared for class  ○ Current class novel ○ Pencils ○ Independent reading text ○ Paper ○ Any assignments that are due ○ Charged laptop ○ Positive and ready-to-learn attitude 
● Optional on a team-to-team basis ○ Water bottle with only water in it ○ Healthy, individual-sized snacks (packet of crackers, granola bars, fruit, etc)  
● Please do not bring ○ Cell phones and personal electronic devices (powered off in locker) ○ Fidget spinners, slime, focus cubes, and any other “focus toys” ○ Soda, flavored water, juice, milk-based products, sports drinks (anything but water) ○ Candy or chips as snacks (Takis, Doritos, etc) or full-sized bags of snacks 
● School-Provided Electronic Device Expectations ○ Devices are a privilege, not a right, and can be taken away ○ Devices should be used appropriately during class (i.e. not working on another subject when in Language Arts) ○ Devices should only be out at teacher-approved times ○ Students should stay on task while on the device (no music, YouTube, games, messaging, personal email, camera, etc.) ○ Students are expected to follow all expectations outlined in the Buncombe County Device Agreement 
* Anything that becomes a distraction to the learning environment can and  will be taken and given back at the discretion of the teacher. 
I have read, understand, and agree to the 6th grade Language Arts Classroom Expectations:  Parent Initials ______ Student Initials ______ 
Grading Policy Late Work ● Work missed due to absences  is  NOT considered late work. Students will have one day to make up assignments for each day missed. ● Work that is not turned in on time will accrue a 10 points deduction per day. After the assignment is five days late, the student will receive a 50%.  ● Extenuating circumstances will be discussed on an individual basis. 
Homework ● When homework is assigned, it will be essential for the next day’s curriculum discussion and common core lesson structure. Please make sure this is completed in a timely manner so that students are prepared for class. Every effort needs to be made to make sure this is completed. Please check your teacher’s website for nightly homework assignments. 
School-Wide No Zero Policy ● As a school, we believe that there is little academic value in giving a zero for a grade. Instead, if a student does not complete an assignment they will receive a 50% in the gradebook, both of which are considered failing grades. If a student turns in the assignment but it is incomplete or earns a 0%, it will be entered in the gradebook as a 51%. This prevents students from falling too far behind and not being able to catch up.  
I have read, understand, and agree to the 6th grade Language Arts Grading Policy:  Parent Initials ______ Student Initials ______