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Interactive Language Arts Games


Sheppard Software

This site has an abundance of fun, educational games ... including the European and South American country games the kids enjoyed playing so much in the computer lab!


Online Preposition Lesson and Quiz

An online tutorial about prepositions, with assessment.


The Mystery of the Poison Dart Frog

Learn more about the rainforest of Costa Rica in this research/adventure game.


Journey into Amazonia

Help researchers find information on the Amazon Rainforest in this virtual adventure.  In addition to the game, there are other resources to explore.

This site has a dictionary and thesaurus!


Free Rice

Play a vocabulary game and help feed third-world countries!  For each correct word guessed, grains of rice are donated to third-world countries through the United Nations.


Fun Brain

This site is a great resource for educational games!


School Time Games

More fun and educational games in every subject!