Weekly Homework Assignments

Weekly Homework Assignments: Semester 2 

Each week, students will have a reading passage that they will take home on Monday. They will use the same reading passage for the whole week. Repeated reading helps increase students fluency as well as their reading confidence. The passage will come with 4 tasks for that week. One for each night




The tasks are predictable- they will follow the typical pattern listed below (Some weeks may vary) and should always be written on a separate sheet of paper: 

Monday- Reading for gist, basic summary question

Tuesday- Reading out loud to a parent, trusted adult, or sibling and asking them a question for the student to write down OR the student recording themselves read out loud and writing a reflection. 

Wednesday- Test prep multiple choice question or vocabulary question

Thursday- Written response question. 

Turn in passage AND responses stapled together on Friday. 

Parent Initials-
 There will be a spot for the parent to initial after each night. This will indicate to me that a parent or guardian is acknowledging that they have reviewed the homework for that night and are OK with the students' completion of it. If a student fails to get their parent to initial the assignment they will lose 5 points for each missing initial, unless a previous arrangement or agreement has been made between Mr. Burgin and the parent.