Family Engagement Policy


Family Engagement Policy

Parent Involvement Policy

2019-2020 (revised 08/27/19)


The staff at Charles T. Koontz Intermediate School view the parents and guardians of our students as our partners.  We promote the involvement of families in the planning and implementation of programs and policies that affect our students.  We believe that our students' success depends on us working together and fostering a greater sense of community.


In order to promote this connection between home and school:

  • Families will be encouraged to help develop the school's Parent Plan and Policy and update it annually.

  • An annual meeting will be held near the beginning of every school year to inform parents of the Title I Program goals, guidelines, services, and parental rights as well as offer suggestions of ways to continue to expand upon their students' learning at home.

  • All families will receive a copy of the School-Parent Compact explaining the home/school partnership for building students' success and fostering parental involvement.

  • Progress reports will be sent home quarterly with targeted Title I students along with the report cards.

  • Families will be informed about opportunities for themselves and their children in a timely manner and, when available, in a language they understand.

  • Families Involvement Opportunities will be offered for families to learn strategies and to gain resources to work with their child at home in order to increase their child's academic success.

  • Opportunities for families and students will be offered at various times throughout the year and in a variety of ways. 

 For example: Heritage Night, Coffee with the Principal, Student Led Conferences and etc.