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Charles T. Koontz Intermediate

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about the 1:1 Lenovo Laptop Computers



FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about the Lenovo Laptops



Q:  Will all students be allowed to take home their computers?
A:  Sixth grade students will be able to take laptops home.  Fifth grade students will not be able to take computers  home.
Q:  What if I don’t want to have my child’s computer taken home?
A:  You can opt out of allowing the computer to come home.  There is always an alternative to a computerized assignment. The assignment will be given in a written format for your child.
Q:  I do not have wifi access at my house. Can my child still bring their computer home?
A:  Yes, your child can still take their computer home even if you do not have wifi access.  The computer will have MS Word, PowerPoint and other software already installed on them that your child can utilize to complete assignments.  If there is an assignment given that requires the use of the internet (wifi), the assignment will also have an alternate way for it to be completed by your child that does not require the internet (wifi).
Q:  What happens if my child brings their laptop home and runs into technical difficulties?
A:  Please email your child’s teacher letting them know what type of issues that you are having while at home and then complete the assignment in written format.  This is a new way of working for your child and we will work with them to complete all assignments.  Parents/Guardians should not try to fix any device.
Q:  If my child brings their laptop home, how will they charge the device?
A:  Once a student’s device is allowed to go home with them the student will be given the charging cable to take home.  The student will be responsible for charging the device each night and bringing it back to school fully charged.  The charging cable should travel back and forth from home and school with the laptop.
Q:  Will students be using their laptop in every class every day?
A:  Teachers will integrate their classroom lessons with appropriate activities that utilize the laptop at least once a day.
Q:  What happens if my child’s laptop is in need of repair? Will my child be given something to use at school until their laptop is fixed?
A:  If a student laptop is need of repair, the school has been given loaner devices in order that no student goes without a device.  The loaner laptop will only be allowed to be used at school.
Q:  My child is in 5th grade, will they have the same computer next year?
A: This is a school-based decision.
Q:  My child is in 6th grade, will they take their laptop with them to the 7th grade?
A:  No, 6th graders, moving on to the Middle School, will be issued a new laptop through the middle school.
Q:  Can I purchase my own case for the laptop that is different from the Koontz laptop sleeve?
A:  Yes, you may purchase your own sleeve.  Dimensions (W x D x H) 11.81" x 8.5" x 0.87"
Q:  How are the devices filtered for students to use as home?
A:  Students must log in to the device, even to use it at home.  All Buncombe County devices are filtered through the Central Office server.