4th Grade Transitions to Koontz Intermediate

Exceptional care and programming happens at C. T. Koontz Intermediate for our rising 5th Graders. Counselors plan visits to each of our 3 feeder Elementary Schools (Glen Arden, Estes, and Avery's Creek) to meet with the rising 5th grades.  The rising 5th grades will take a field trip with their respective school to Koontz to tour the school.  CT Koontz Intermediate hosts a parent night for all of the parents to be able to tour the school as well and get their questions answered.  

Moving our 5th Graders Up and Across the Building- Transition to 6th Grade 

Koontz would like to provide you information about participation in Unified Arts (UA's) for your 6th grade school year. At Koontz, 5th grade students participate in 9 week UA courses including Art, General Music, Drama, and Media/Spanish.  In the 6th grade, students will be able to choose which UA courses they would like to take!  

Yearlong courses include Band, Strings, and Advanced Chorus.  If students enroll in a year long UA course, they will attend that class everyday for the whole school year.

Semester long courses include Art, Chorus, Drama, Project Lead The Way, and Spanish.  Students who choose semester long classes will be enrolled in one UA class for 1st semester and then another UA class for the second semester.  

You will make 3 UA choices, even if you choose a year long course. This is in case something happens and you are not able to participate.

PE classes will happen 2 days a week for all students, all year long. PE is not a part of the Unified Arts choices. Students will have recess on the days that they do not have PE.

When you are ready, click on the link below. You will find descriptions and videos of each course to review with your parent/guardian.  

6th Grade Transitions to Cane Creek Middle and Valley Springs Middle Schools

Valley Springs Middle School and Cane Creek Middle School

Our 6th grade students will have Middle School Ambassadors come over to visit our school with counselors and administrations to give them information about Middle School.

Students will also have the opportunity to visit the middle school that they will be attending for a tour of the school.

Each middle school will host an Open House for parents to come to the school to visit and answer questions

**Student do not get to choose what middle school they attend.  Your address, where you live, determines which middle school you will attend.**