4th Grade Transitions to Koontz Intermediate

Exceptional care and programming happens at C. T. Koontz Intermediate for our rising 5th Graders.  Since we were unable to host a parent night due to extenuating circumstances, please stay tuned for an informational video about our school.

Moving our 5th Graders Across the Building to Transition to 6th Grade 

Koontz would like to provide you information about participation in Unified Arts (UA's) for your 6th grade school year. At Koontz, 5th grade students participate in 9 week UA courses including Art, General Music, Drama, and Media/Spanish.  In the 6th grade, students will be able to choose which UA courses they would like to take!  

Yearlong courses include Band, Strings, and Advanced Chorus.  If students enroll in a year long UA course, they will attend that class everyday for the whole school year.

Semester long courses include Art, Chorus, Drama, Project Lead The Way, and Spanish.  Students who choose semester long classes will be enrolled in one UA class for 1st semester and then another UA class for the second semester.  

You will make 3 UA choices, even if you choose a year long course. This is in case something happens and you are not able to participate.

PE classes will happen 2 days a week for all students, all year long. PE is not a part of the Unified Arts choices. Students will have recess on the days that they do not have PE.

When you are ready, click on the link below. You will find descriptions and videos of each course to review with your parent/guardian.  

6th Grade UA Selection Form

6th Grade Transitions to Cane Creek Middle and Valley Springs Middle Schools

Valley Springs Middle School
Below you will a link to the Google Form to choose your top 5 UA classes. There is also a link to view the course descriptions. These on the VSMS Counseling Web Page. 

If you choose PEP Tutoring, there is a question that asks you to list 2 teachers that will give us a recommendation for you. This is required to be a PEP Tutor.

Contact Mrs. Anthony, 7th Grade Counselor if you have any questions.  

Course Description:

Cane Creek Middle School
Working with your parents/guardians, please review the electives and their descriptions. In order of preference, please select three elective choices. Then, choose three alternativesKeep in mind that your top choices for classes might fill, so pick alternate classes that you are interested in. The teachers’ emails are listed in the course description if you have additional questions.  Click here for course descriptions: CCMS UA descriptions
Use this link to register: Rising 7th Grade 2020-2021 Registration  We will be sending a confirmation email of your choices to your parent/guardian for final approval. 
Please let Ms. Amberle Dalton, Assistance Principal,  know if you have any questions or need any assistance!