Have a rising 5th grader or 7th grader?

If you have a rising 5th grader or 7th grader, look inside for transition information!
Posted on 03/05/2019

Roberson District
4th-5th and 6th-7th Transition Plan


Rising 6th Grade Transition 

 Monday, March 25 from 8:15-9:15  UA presentation and what to expect in 6th grade will be given to all 5th graders. This is for students during the school day.

The sign-up time for an instrument is on April 3rd is 4:00 - 7:00 and it is a drop-in sign-up. Students will choose an instruments and there will be rental sign-ups available as well. We want everyone who is going to join band or strings to try to make it on the 3rd. 

Rising 7th Grade Transition Night

Do you have a rising 7th grader or know someone going to Valley Springs Middle or Cane Creek Middle for the 2019-2020 school year? If so, important dates:
March 14th: VSMS and CCMS will visit Koontz
March 19th: Parent Night/Open House @ VSMS;  6pm
March 19th: Parent Night/Open House @ CCMS; 5:30 pm
March 26th: 6th grade Koontz students will your assigned Middle School during school hours

4th to 5th Transition

Koontz Goes To Elementary Schools

  • Intermediate Counselors and Student Lighthouse Team Representatives visit the elementary schools.  
  • Estes  Monday, March 4  1:00-2:10
  • Avery’s Creek Tuesday, March 5-1:00-2:10
  • Glen Arden  Wednesday, March 6- 1:00-2:10


Elementary Schools Visit Koontz

  • Students be in the Cafeteria for an overall orientation given by administration and Lighthouse Team Members
  • Koontz Rambassadors will lead tours of the school
  • 4th grade teachers will have an opportunity to talk to administration about specific students during tours
  • Estes-  Thursday, March 7  1:00-2:10
  • Glen Arden-  Tuesday, March 12- 1:00-2:10
  • Avery’s Creek- Wednesday, March 13th-1:00-2:10


Koontz Parent Night- Thursday, March 14-5:30-7:30

  • 5:30- Arrival, Guests Go to Gym


  • 5:45-6:30-Parent orientation given by student Lighthouse Team members-Administration will be available for questions
  • 6:30-7:30-Koontz Student Lighthouse Team Members and Rambassadors will lead tours of the school

Estes, Avery’s Creek and Glen Arden

Parents (and their students if desired) visit

Koontz on Thursday, March 14-5:30-7:30


Other Events

  • Principal and Supporting Staff travel to the 3 feeder schools to answer questions or Breakfast with the Principal on their campus during the designated mornings. TBA
  • Thursday, May 2-Roberson District 4th grade students invited to see Musical-9:00 am
  • Koontz office staff arranges for small group tours for parents usually given by an administrator
      • Tours begin at 9:00 on Mondays
  • To request a tour call Koontz Main Office (828) 684-1295
  • Meet Your Teacher August
  • September-Parent Open House: Created by Classroom Team Teachers to give additional curriculum and classroom expectation information.     

5th to 6th Transition-Tenative

March 25th program for all 6th grade students 8:15-9:15-

April 3 Band/Strings Equipment rental 5:30 PM

6th to 7th Grade Transition


VSMS and Cane Creek Visit Koontz  6th graders

  • Middle school counselors and student representatives visit Koontz.
  • Koontz will make sure appropriate students are assembled in a designated common area with access to give a powerpoint presentation.

  • VSMS  and CCMS Thursday, March 14  8:40-9:40

Koontz 6th graders visit VSMS and CCMS

  • VSMS (2 groups) and CCMS (1 group).  6th grade Koontz students travel to their respective schools for orientation. This is a  total of ½ day in the morning.
  • Students will hear about UA selections, PE uniforms, PEP Tutoring, what to expect in middle school;
  • VSMS  Tuesday, March 26 Group 1 8:00-9:00  Group 1
  • VSMS  Tuesday, March 26  Group 2 9:15-10:15 Group 2
  • CCMS  Tuesday, March 26 8:30-10:00

Middle School Parent Night

Tuesday, March 19 5:30-7:00



Registration Dates-VSMS and CCMS come to Koontz to register 6th graders.

Cards Due the 1st,

Registration on the 3rd

Make-up Day the 4th

  • Other Events
  • Meet Your Teacher August
  • September-Parent Open House: Created by Classroom Team Teachers to give additional curriculum and classroom expectation information.