Congratulations to TOY Aylett Burchfiel!

Congratulations Aylett Burchfiel, TOY for 2021-22!
Posted on 01/15/2021

Congratulations, Aylett Burchfiel,
our 2021-22 Teacher of the Year!

Aylett Burchfiel

Her nomination highlighted so many of her wonderful gifts; she truly embodies what it means to be an inspiring, caring, motivated, hardworking, dedicated and creative teacher. We are lucky to call her one of our own at Koontz!!

Ms. Burchfiel's peer nomination summary: "Ms. Burchfiel always has high expectations and goes above and beyond to help her students meet them. She gets to know her students and their individual needs and helps them with these needs especially during this challenging year doing home visits and providing alternate ways to learn. She uses this knowledge of her students as tools to help them and to grow their love of learning. Aylett is comfortable communicating with parents and does so often. Aylett holds her students accountable for all of their actions and is very fast to recognize the student’s accomplishments and growth. Aylett not only cares for the students but does the same for staff. She is genuinely interested in her colleagues personal and professional growth and success. Although she is a master of her craft, she’s always open to learning more. She asks great questions and helps us to dig deeper. She is giving and caring and goes above and beyond.”