Course Syllabus

Welcome to Fifth Grade! 

English Language Arts and Social Studies

Julie Wimbish


I’m so glad to have your child here at Koontz!   I look forward to a great year filled with fun and learning!  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  

ELA Standards:

ELA Overview:

  • Whole Group - We will utilize the basal reader Reading Street to read and analyze grade level text.  We will supplement with the EL Curriculum.  The EL Curriculum ( combines rigorous, standards-aligned content with effective instructional practice, bringing together the “what” and “how” of literacy success.  It integrates reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills applicable to the 5th Grade Standard Course of Study.    

  • Small Groups and Literacy Centers- These flexible groups will allow students to work on skills and strategies that meet their specific individual needs in a small group setting.  This time will be to focus a variety of language arts skills, including, but not limited to:

  • Fluency

  • Vocabulary/Word Study

  • Comprehension

  • Writing

  • Grammar and Mechanics

  • Research/Project-Based Learning

  • Independent Reading –The classroom library and media center are available for students to choose independent reading books.   

Social Studies Standards:

Social Studies Overview:  

Continuing the history, geography, civics and government, economics and culture strands from previous grades, fifth grade expectations will address change and continuity in United States history.  Students begin the study of United States history with American Indian groups indigenous to the United States before the arrival of European settlers and conclude with the Civil War and Reconstruction period.  Students will focus their study on the same time period as in fourth grade, but will transfer their understanding from the state to the national level. Learned concepts will be applied within the context of American history.  We will utilize the History Alive! curriculum.  

Grading Scale

Buncombe County Schools Grading Scale:    

100 - 90 = A 89- 80 = B 79 - 70 = C 69 - 60 = D Below 60 = F

Throughout the year, we will use a variety of assessments, including but not limited to:

  • Mid-Unit and End-of-Unit Assessments

  • Writing and Open-Ended Assessments

  • Benchmark Assessments

  • NC Check-ins (3 times a year)

  • ELA EOG Test

Grade Percentages

Participation = 10%        Classwork/Notes = 20% Mid-Unit Assessments/Quizzes = 30%

Final Unit Assessments/Projects = 40%

Late Work

  • Work missed due to absences, tardies, etc. are NOT considered late work.  Students will have 3 days to make up assignments due to these situations.

  • Work that is not turned in on time will have 10 points taken off.  Students have until the end of the grading period to turn in missing work.  

  • Other situations will be discussed on an individual basis.

  • All assignments that are not completed will be entered in the grade book as  a zero and marked missing until it is turned in. 

Classroom Expectations

  • Come prepared for class :

    • Pencils/Pencil Pouch

    • Homework

    • Materials

    • Positive and ready-to-learn attitude

  • Optional:

    • Water bottle with only water in it

    • Healthy, individual-sized snacks (packet of crackers, granola bars, fruit, etc) 

  • Please do not bring:

    • Cell phones and personal electronic devices 

    • Fidget spinners, slime, focus cubes, and other distracting items.  

  • School-Provided Computer Expectations:

    • Devices are a privilege, not a right.  

    • Devices should only be used for the content covered in class.

    • Devices should only be out at teacher-approved times.

    • Students should stay on task while on the device. 

    • Students are expected to follow all expectations outlined in the Buncombe County Device Agreement.

* Anything that becomes a distraction to the learning environment can and will be taken and given back at the discretion of the teacher.

Supplies Needed for Language Arts and Social Studies Class:

  • Notebook paper

  • 2 Composition or Spiral Notebooks  (1 for ELA and 1 for SS)

  • 1 Pocket Folder with prongs-Yellow (if possible)

  • One 1 & ½ inch binder with 5 dividers with pockets and tabs

  • Pencil Pouch with scissors, glue sticks, coloring supplies, pencils

  • Earbuds for computer use

  • Kleenex , Clorox/Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer