Physical Education Policy Form

Dear Parents:


            We would like to welcome you and your student to Koontz Intermediate School for a fun and educating experience!  In order for the year to get started off in the right manner, we would like for you to take a moment and read the following information. 


Dressing- Out: Students have the option of wearing the PE spirit wear on PE days or they may wear their regular uniform. Proper footwear (that covers the entire foot) is athletic shoes. Athletic shoes help keep you safe in PE! Boots, sandals, or slip-ons are not correct.

Illness or Injury: Please send a note if your child’s participation in PE should be altered due to recent illness or injury.

Grading: In Physical Education classes, students will be graded on a 5 point per day rubric using the criteria listed below. Students may also have skill assessments, written assignments or short quizzes, which will be graded on a separate points basis and will be included as part of their Physical Education grade.


  • Responsibility/Punctuality (is prepared with appropriate footwear and is not tardy)    1 Point

  • Participation/Effort (actively participates in class activities, group discussions with effort)    2 Point

  • Behavior/Teamwork (follows class rules; listens & follows directions; works well with others)    1 Point

  • Skill Proficiency (demonstrates proper skills, sportsmanship, self-control & cooperation)    1 Point

    A    =  (90-100%)

    B    =  (80-89%)

    C    =  (70-79%)

    D    =  (60-69%)       

    F        =  (59% and below)

Midterms will be sent home only if grade drops below 80%.

Discipline Procedures:  It is our sincere hope that the following discipline procedures will never be used.  However, in the event of discipline problems the following steps and the assertive discipline plan will be followed:


  • Isolation and/or Alternate Activity
  • Parent Notification (phone call, e-mail or note home)
  • Referral to the office

       Note:  Some behaviors outlined in the student handbook require an immediate referral to the office.  We will adhere to all rules in the student handbook!

       Parents/Guardians:  We would appreciate any donation of Kleenex, Sandwich Baggies and Band-Aids for the students to use throughout the school year. 
      Thank you in advance! 


      Casey Schneider & Holly McCurry