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EL Curriculum (Learn more about the curriculum we use as our framework.)

Common Core State Standards (All you ever wanted to know about Common Core!)
Parent Portal (Keep an eye on your child's grades and assignments)
NCCCS (This site will answer any questions you have about public school curriculum)
Seven Habits  (These 7 Habits are what guide us through everything we do at school to help us become positive leaders with outstanding character!)
6th grade English/Language Arts focuses on:

·         Citing text to prove our thinking when answering questions about what we have read

·         Theme

·         Plot

·         Figurative language

·         Comparing and contrasting text

·         Reading and comprehending fiction and non-fiction

·         Writing argumentatively, fictionally, narratively and poetically 

·         Using technology for writing

·         Conducting research and citing sources using both technology and books

·         Collaborative discussion

·         Public speaking and presentation

·         Vocabulary building and word parts

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PROBEs (16 due May 1st)
- Finish Frightful's Mountain novel
Vocabulary Booster notebook (110 words due May 8th)
- 4 pieces of writing on digital portfolio (memoir, informational essay, argument essay, imaginative narrative- they will get a final grade for these as one combined grade)
- poem created from argument essay topic
- weekly EOG vocabulary quizzes (about 3 more)
- falcon fact poster (started in class, most are finished)
- bird display (Ameigh homeroom only)
- Frightful's Mountain quizzes
- Frightful's Mountain end-of-book test
- Peer editing (in class)
- Summit Time online reading responses
- 2 agenda checks