What Does A School Counselor Do

CLASSROOM LESSONS:   Teach classroom lessons using different research based Curriculum covering topic social emotional skills such as skills for learning, empathy, compassion, emotion management and problem solving.

INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING:   Provide a safe and confidential space to work with students on an individual basis to help promote success in their academic and social/emotional  development. Please refer to the parameters below and on on the virtual page addressing counseling in a virtual setting.

GROUP COUNSELING:   Provide weekly confidential sessions in a safe space with a small group of students with similar concerns and issues and/or needs. Again, please refer the virtual setting regarding counseling in a virtual world.

COORDINATION:   Work with school personnel, parents/guardians, and community members to promote a healthy development of life-long learners and leaders of the school and community.

CONSULTATION:   Work closely with and communicate with students, parents/guardians, staff, and community agencies to build a network of support for positive growth and   development of our students.

RESPONSIVE SERVICES:   Help to identify and address immediate needs and concerns of the students and families.

Whether we’re communicating by email, phone, or video, the same “rules” apply for confidentiality -- I won’t share anything you tell me unless you tell me there is a safety issue for you or someone else. Please understand that while I will always do everything I can to protect your privacy, when we’re not face to face in my office, confidentiality can’t always be 100% guaranteed in the same way as a closed, in-person conversation. Together we’ll do our best to navigate that as best we can.