Student Handbook 2021-22

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Charles T. Koontz Intermediate School

Parent/Student Handbook


C.T. Koontz Intermediate School

305 Overlook Road

Asheville, NC  28803

PHONE: 684-1295 FAX: 684-1290









Scott Lister



MYRA RICE-5th grade

  COLLEEN McKAY-6th grade




KOONTZ INTERMEDIATE DIRECTION STATEMENT - Empowering the Koontz Community to embrace continuous learning and leadership.

KOONTZ INTERMEDIATE PURPOSE STATEMENT - Our students will enrich the world with their knowledge, inspiration, preparation and adaptation.   

THE KOONTZ MOTTO - “Each student should be better for having been a part of our school.” C.T. Koontz


(Koontz Intermediate is committed to Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.)

  1. Motivated students who conduct themselves with integrity in a rigorous academic environment will experience a higher degree of success. (Be Proactive)
  2. Students who set S.M.A.R.T. goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time Sensitive) will continue to improve in a data driven society.  (Begin with the End in Mind)
  3. Successful students are disciplined, organized, and dedicated to learning.  (Put First Things First)
  4. Students who work toward mutual success promote unity within the school community. (Think win-win)
  5. Effective communication requires empathy, understanding and respect for diverse views.  (Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood)
  6. Students achieve when they work together and value the strengths of others. (Synergize)
  7. Students who foster social, emotional, physical and cognitive wellbeing are effective learners. (Sharpen the Saw)
  8. All students have unique abilities they can develop to enrich the world. (Find your Voice and Help Others to Find Theirs)
  9. Lifelong learners apply knowledge and skills to keep pace with rapidly changing technology. 

10. Students should serve as environmental stewards for a sustainable future.

DISCRIMINATION - The Buncombe County School System does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, or handicap in admission or access to or treatment or employment in its programs and activities, in compliance with applicable federal and state laws.

AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT NOTICE - The Buncombe County Board of Education does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability in its employment opportunities, program services or activities.


ACCREDITATION - Koontz Intermediate is accredited by AdvancED.


ADVISORY COUNCIL: Each Buncombe County School has an Advisory Council mandated by the School Board. The purpose of the Advisory Council is to act as a liaison between the school and community. If you have suggestions or concerns, please contact any member of the council. They are listed on the school website.

ANNUAL PUBLIC NOTICES:  Information related to accessing student records, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), student rights, and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) can be found on our website at the following address:

AFTER-SCHOOL CARE: The YMCA provides after-school care at C.T. Koontz until 6:00 p.m. for our students. For more information or to register for after-school care you may call the After-school Director at 775-7081.

ARRIVAL: Students should not arrive on campus before 7:00 a.m. The School day begins at 7:45 with students in their seats ready to learn! For your child’s safety, car riders may only be dropped off at the front of the building in the car rider line. Students should NOT be dropped off in the side parking lots or the adjacent church parking lots. Parents with children at both Valley Springs and Koontz may drop off all of their children at the designated location behind VSMS; the Koontz students can then walk along the sidewalk and enter through the Gymnatorium doors.  Please observe a safe speed limit as you drive through the campus. Visitor parking is in front of the school.

ATTENDANCE/EARLY DISMISSAL: Students are expected to be in attendance unless they are ill. If a student is absent, a written note explaining the absence is required. The note should include the date of absence, reason, parent’s signature, and the date the note was written. An excused absence means the child is absent from school for a legitimate reason (illness, death in family, doctor appointment). NC State law allows student to only miss 14 total days for the school year. This includes excused and unexcused days.

Please send a note to your child’s homeroom teacher if you are picking them up early from school.  To maintain the integrity of the last period of the school day, early dismissals must be done by 2:15 p.m.  If it is necessary for your child to leave school early, a parent or designated adult picking up your child must come to the front office to sign the child out.

The Buncombe County Attendance Policy #4400 can be found at under District Policies.

CAR RIDERS: Parents, while in the car rider line, prominently display the student placard with the student’s name on the dashboard.  Car Rider tags are available in the office. NO STUDENT WILL BE ALLOWED TO BE SIGNED OUT AFTER 2:15.

CHANGE IN TRANSPORTATION ROUTINE: To ensure student safety, if it is necessary to change your child’s usual routine of going home in the afternoon (i.e. different bus), a note from the parent is required. No telephone calls for changes (bus, car) will be taken. You may fax a written request by 1:00 with your signature to 684-1290. If we do not receive a note or fax by 1:00 p.m., the student will be sent home on their regular bus.  You may also email the teacher or send a Class Dojo/Class Tag Message to your Child’s teacher.

DISMISSAL: First load bus students are dismissed at 2:45 p.m. and students who are car riders or walkers will be dismissed at 2:45 p.m.  WALKERS: Students who walk home exit downstairs between the gym and cafeteria door. They should stay on the appropriate sidewalks while on campus and follow the pathways to Estes Elementary.


TARDINESS: Students arriving after 7:45 a.m. are considered tardy. Morning announcements begin at 7:40 a.m. and instruction begins promptly following announcements. Students who are tardy are required to sign in at the front office and receive an “admit to class tardy slip.” Parents should come into the building to sign students in who arrive late.  Please make every effort to see that your child arrives on time and stays all day.

CHILD CUSTODY: A public school cannot deny a natural parent the right to pick up his/her child from school. If your child’s situation is different or if there is a custody situation, please send a copy of the custody papers to school within the first week of school or when a situation would create a change.


CHILD NUTRITION PROGRAM:  We hope you will encourage your child to participate in our Breakfast and Lunch program. Lunch meals may be paid for in advance or students can pay at the cash register each day. Parents may also pre-pay on line at Applications for free/reduced lunch will be sent home the first day of school. Even if your child was on free or reduced lunch last school year, you must complete a new form each year.  Students may not accumulate over $10.00 in charges. Notices concerning over-the-limit charged accounts will be sent to parents. Buncombe County students who buy school lunches will no longer be able to purchase a full meal on credit if they have charges of $10 or more in their child nutrition account. Students whose accounts are over $10, and who do not have lunch money with them, will be offered an alternative, with a $1 dollar charge applied to their account. Meal Prices for the current school year are listed on the district website. Breakfast and lunch menus can be found on the Buncombe County Schools’ district website. Menus are subject to change. Extra items/snacks are available for purchase. These items cannot be charged. No carbonated or soft drink beverages are allowed at school.  Restaurant/fast food items (McDonalds, Chick-Fil-A, etc.) should not be brought into the school by outside guests for lunch.

COMMUNICATION:  Communication between the school and our families is critical to the success of students.  Please expect a weekly School Messenger call, typically on Sunday afternoon, to update you on the latest, valuable information and dates to remember. Each child will also receive a GOLD COMMUNICATION FOLDER for important papers. This folder will be sent home every WEDNESDAY.

DRESS CODE/SCHOOL UNIFORMS: Charles T. Koontz Intermediate School is a uniform school. Our goal is to “level the playing field” so that students can focus on academics, leadership opportunities, and preparation for middle school and beyond.  Bringing three diverse communities together as one is our objective, and by not focusing on outward appearance, students can come to school ready to work. UNIFORMS CAN BE PURCHASED AT ANY STORE PARENTS SELECT or ONLINE.


  • Polo Shirts, Sweaters, Sweatshirts, Hoodies and Fleece - No brand name logos of any kind Solid White, Navy, Gray
  • Long sleeved undergarments must be the same colors: Solid Navy, White or Gray.


    • Khaki or Navy Shorts/Pants/Skirts/Skorts/Dresses
    • Navy or Gray Sweatpants on PE days only
    • Leggings can be worn only if they are under shorts/skirts/skorts/dresses
    • Shoes--Any type of shoes can be worn except flipflops, slides or bedroom shoes or slippers.

    Items NOT Permitted to be worn during the school day   

  • hats, caps, bandanas or fanny packs



  • Heavy coats & outer outerwear is not worn inside the building but placed in lockers or cubbies until needed for outside activities. If students are cold throughout the school day, they can wear sweaters, sweat shirts and hoodies. These items must be solid navy, white, or gray and contain no name brand logos (Except Koontz).



Lands’ End Polo with  School Logo. Color: Solid White, Navy, Gray

Visit and enter #900168006 to visit the Koontz page                                     



Students can wear their regular uniform clothing if they choose not to purchase these items.

•      PE Shorts - Navy

•      PE Tops    - Gray, Navy, Neon Pink

GIFTS: No flowers, balloons or other gifts will be accepted at the school for delivery for students. Glass containers, balloons, etc. can create a safety hazard and are not permitted on the bus for safety reasons.

LOST AND FOUND:  Please label your child’s clothing and other items.  A lost and found area is located downstairs in proximity to the cafeteria. Every attempt will be made to return lost items to the owners. Unclaimed and unlabeled uniform items will be laundered and put into our clothes closet. Other unclaimed items are given to charitable organizations at various times during the school year.

MEDIA/LIKENESS RELEASE FORMS: It is the school system’s procedure not to require parent permission for students to be photographed, videotaped, and/or interviewed by system employees or media on routine school topics, activities for public information, awards, and honors, instructional and promotional purposes. Parent permission must be given, however, to photograph, videotape and/or interview children with physical or mental disabilities if they will be identified as children with physical or mental disabilities. Parents, guardians, or eligible students may request not to be photographed, videotaped and/or interviewed by notifying the school in writing within the first 10 days of school. 

PARKING: Visitors should park in spaces located in the front of the school. Please note: These parking spaces are located near the car rider unloading and pick up area where parents and students cross frequently. Please exercise caution and respect the cones. If spaces are not available, you may park in the side parking lot. Cars should not be parked in the bus parking lot area.

PARTIES:  Board policy does not allow home-baked goods to be sent for classroom snacks or parties. We greatly appreciate your consideration of healthy food options.  Please communicate with your child’s teacher in advance.

PTO (PARENT/TEACHER ORGANIZATION): We encourage all families to be a part of this organization. A membership drive is held at the beginning of the year for families to join PTO. Dates and time of programs will be posted on the school website. Current officers will also be posted on the school website.

SAFETY DRILLS: According to state law, schools must conduct monthly fire drills. All students are expected to follow the teachers’ instruction and exit the building quickly and quietly. No talking, pushing, or running will be allowed during safety drills. Parents and volunteers must exit the building during the fire drill. In addition to monthly fire drills, students also participate in various other drills which include: tornado, bomb threat, perimeter and full lockdown.

SCHOOL VISITS:  We invite you to visit the school. Those wishing to visit should consult the school website under Parents-Classroom Visitation Policy and complete the form and follow the directions there. As a requirement of our Safe Schools Plan, all visitors must report to the office, sign in on the computer and wear a visitor’s sticker. Parents and visitors to the school must check in at the office before going to a classroom. Our camera system will require visitors to be buzzed in during the school day.  The safety of our students is our first concern.

VOLUNTEERS: Calling all parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc., we need you! The saying, “It takes a village to raise a child” is true. We need volunteers to work with students, assist with PTO projects, (picture day, book fair, etc.) and help with classroom activities. One of the most important things you can do is to simply take the time to sit with a child and talk or read. If you can help, please contact the PTO Volunteer Coordinator or a staff member. When you arrive, please sign your name in the volunteer log in the office. The hours are counted for our yearly School Improvement Team report. Please wear a volunteer badge while you are here. Thank you for your time! Check the district website for policy requirements.




ILLNESS OR INJURY AT SCHOOL: If your child is injured or becomes ill at school, we will make him/her as comfortable as possible and call you immediately. A working phone number is required. If you cannot be reached, we will attempt to contact the emergency number listed on the Student Information Sheet. Children need to be home when they are ill. Please remember, we cannot keep ill children at school. It is imperative that we have a phone number of a relative or friend if we cannot reach you. If your phone number changes during the school year, please make sure you notify the office and your child’s teacher.

INSURANCE: School accident and dental insurance will be available for purchase at the beginning of the school year. Information will be provided as soon as it becomes available. Once you have completed these forms, mail them directly to the company.

LICE: It is Buncombe County Board of Education policy #4231 that students who have pediculosis capitis (head lice and nits) must be treated and all live lice removed before returning to school. The principal or designee will check students for lice when a problem becomes apparent. If lice are found, the parent will be called to take the child home and begin treatment. Upon returning to school, the child must be re-checked in the office and be free of all live lice before being admitted to class. A parent must come in with the student when returning to school.

MEDICATION: Precautions must be taken when handling medication at school. We are not allowed to dispense medicine, including, aspirin, cough drops, etc. without a medication form completed by the parent and signed by the doctor. If the doctor states medicine should be given at school, the medicine must be in the “original container” with the doctor’s instructions included. The medicine must be brought in by an adult and given to a secretary. Please make the teachers aware of any allergies, medical conditions, etc. Please see the medicine policy #6125 on the district website.

SCHOOL NURSE: A Public Health Nurse is provided by Buncombe County Health Department and is here on a limited basis. If you need her services, please contact the school office or email.




The school curriculum is established by the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and the requirements of the local Board of Education. Teacher lesson plans are written to include required studies and activities and are coordinated with school-wide and grade-level emphasis. In addition to classroom instruction, 5th graders will participate in art, music, counseling, physical education, drama and media center activities. 6th graders will select electives such as band, strings, and chorus. Some students may receive Special Education and benefit from support services such as speech or English as a Second Language.

ACADEMIC STANDARDS: The staff sets extremely high expectations for students’ academic growth. These tips will help students be successful at school:

  • Please come to school on time every day
  • Be prepared and always have supplies you need to complete your work
  • Complete all class and home assignments and turn them in on time
  • Do your very best and try to be neat and accurate
  • Use your time wisely at school and at home
  • Listen carefully to directions. Respect each teacher’s right to teach and each student’s right to learn
  • Participate in class discussions, ask questions when uncertain or curious
  • Organize your assignments with needed materials
  • Get plenty of sleep (10 hours are recommended)
  • Get up in time to have a “stress free morning” to help ensure a better school day
  • Eat a good healthy breakfast either at home or at school
  • Wear clean uniform attire

ASSESSMENT: Informal and formal assessments are a regular part of teaching and learning. They provide important information for students, parents and teachers about student progress and academic achievement. Formal assessments are administered to fifth and sixth grade students. Within the last ten days of school, fifth grade students take the North Carolina End of Grade Test in Reading, Math and Science. Sixth grade students take the North Carolina End of Grade Test in Reading and Math.










  • Students do not need a cell phone to come to Koontz Intermediate School.  If your child needs to call you, we will help them get in touch with you. If you need to call us to check on your child, we will be available to help you with that as well.
  • Students who bring a cell phone to school will be required to turn it in to their homeroom teacher each morning. The cell phone will be placed in a bag with the student’s name on it. All cell phones will be kept in a container and locked in the teacher’s closet until the end of the day and will be given back at this time. Failure to turn a cell phone in to the teacher when a student enters the class for the day may result in a referral.
  • Bring your cell phone at your own risk. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen cell phones.


DISCLAIMER:  Due to confidentiality and to protect the rights of all students, the taking of pictures or videos by students using cell phones is prohibited before school, after school, or on the bus. Students who do not follow this rule will lose their privilege to have a cell phone at school. 

EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Koontz Intermediate offers several extra-curricular clubs for our students, which are listed on the school website. There are clubs that will meet during the school day on early release days. 

FIELD TRIPS: Each year your child’s class may take a planned trip away from school. The teacher will notify the parents about the trip in advance and include a permission form to be signed and returned by the parent/guardian before the student will be allowed to participate. Students will be transported in yellow or white buses to the location. Insurance regulations allow only students and BCS employees to ride buses.

HOMEWORK: Homework is an integral part of the learning process. This work should be a continuation of the daily lesson and should have meaning and purpose as part of comprehending the lesson. We encourage you to establish a homework routine with your child and to see that homework is returned to school. There is a detailed policy on our school webpage.

MAKE-UP WORK: Please contact your child’s teacher if your child is absent from school. Some assignments are in- class activities or hands-on activities that require an explanation or instruction and cannot be sent home. Other assignments can be posted electronically (email/teacher website/Canvas).

PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES: We encourage you to visit the school for prearranged conferences. Teachers will not be available for conferences with you on a drop-in basis, as we are committed to not interrupting the instructional day. Please give teachers a twenty-four-hour notice when scheduling a conference. Teachers have been asked to conduct one traditional conference with you during the year (suggested during October-November). Two additional conferences, that will be led by students, will be arranged in the fall and the spring. Whenever you feel it is appropriate, please request additional conferences. We believe that students are most successful when home and school work in partnership. When attending a parent-teacher conference, please check in at the office and get a visitor’s badge before going to the classroom.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Your child will participate in physical education each week. All students are expected to wear athletic shoes and participate unless there is an illness or injury. Please send us a doctor’s note if your child cannot participate due to health reasons. Recess happens on days the students do not have physical education. Please be sure your child wears appropriate shoes and outerwear. Flip flops or high heels are not appropriate shoes for physical education or recess.

REPORT CARDS: Report cards will be sent home at the end of each nine week grading period. Please go over the report card with your child, noting progress or problem areas. Return the signed report card to your child’s teacher as soon as possible. If you are requesting a parent-teacher conference, please mark the card and the teacher will contact you. In both fifth and sixth grade, mid-term progress reports will be sent home during the middle of the nine weeks grading period. If you are unsure of your child’s progress, please check the Parent Portal on PowerSchool or contact your child’s teacher.

SCHOOL COUNSELORS: Counseling services will be provided by the school. The school counselors, Ms. Colleen McKay and Ms. Myra Rice are available to see students through self-referral, parent referral or teacher referral. The counselors work with students individually, in small groups as well as presenting classroom lessons to students which include the North Carolina Character Education Curriculum and the North Carolina Essential Standards.


STUDENT BEHAVIOR - Koontz students do the right thing, even when no one is looking.  Koontz students “Take the LEAD” by: showing respect and kindness for everyone and our facility

  • showing accountability for our growth (academic and personal)
  • being good stewards of our school, community, and environment
  • taking ownership of our choices (good and bad)
  • accepting and respecting differences among us
  • being engaged, enthusiastic, and focused learners
  • responding to others in a positive manner with constructive language
  • being an active participant in two-way conversations
  • making eye contact when communicating with others
  • seeking opportunities to be a leader


  • Fighting and inappropriate language are not permitted
  • Guns, knives, ammunition or any other weapon or play weapons shall not be brought on school property, on school provided transportation, or at school sponsored activities and events. This is considered to be a serious misconduct according to Buncombe County Schools Policy #4340-4370
  • Alcohol (Policy #4325) and tobacco (Policy #4320) are not allowed anywhere on the school campus or at school sponsored activities and events
  • Students are expected to walk in the building at all times
  • Students are not allowed to sell or trade personal items at school
  • Electronic devices and games should be left at home unless the teacher has given permission for a special event
  • Distracting items should not be worn or brought to school
  • Students should not bring gum, candy, or soda drinks to school
  • Hazing or bullying is not acceptable. “Treat others as you wish to be treated”
  • Follow directions the first time
  • Always show proper respect to staff members and fellow students

BULLYING is a pattern of behavior where one or more person(s) continues to threaten, harass, intimidate or exclude others and where there is an imbalance of power.  Koontz Intermediate is committed to making our school a safe and caring place for all students. We will treat each other with respect and refrain from remarks or actions that would cause hurt feelings. We will respect each individual’s race, gender, physical condition, religion, nationality and language. As a school community, we will refuse to tolerate bullying of any kind at our school. Teachers and staff at Koontz will watch for signs of bullying and address it when it happens. If your child is a victim of bullying, please contact your child’s teacher or the administration. Students should also report all bullying incidents to staff members or the administration. Bullying boxes are also located in the office and Media Center for students to report bullying incidents. Reported bullying incidents will be investigated. Consequences will be assigned to students for bullying. At Koontz, we want our students to feel safe at school and to be aware of the many ways they can report bullying incidents.

CONSEQUENCES/ACCOUNTABILITY:  Koontz students are held to high standards of conduct.  We believe in the role and importance of helping students understand and learn from their mistakes, but inevitably consequences and accountability are necessary to emphasize the recurrence or severity of the offense and to limit future transgressions.  The following are examples of consequences that may be utilized to encourage changes in behavior and reflection:

  • Verbal Correction
  • Time Out
  • Loss of Privileges
  • Think Sheets
  • Working Lunch
  • After/Before School Detention
  • Behavior Contract
  • Empathy Training
  • Community Service/Restitution
  • Suspension from School/Bus
  • Functional Behavior Assessment
  • Threat Assessment
  • Safety Plan

COMMUNITY SERVICE/RESTITUTION:  Students may receive additional Community Service as a consequence or restitution for violating school rules when deemed appropriate by school staff.  Restitution is not designed to demean students, but rather to teach valuable lessons about the inherent effects when one damages, disrupts, or detracts from the school community.  Again, our goal is to create a community and culture of shared investment in our school, and this policy enables us to convey our ideals while holding students accountable for giving back something of value to the school.

GANG AND GANG RELATED ACTIVITIES: Buncombe County Schools defines a “gang” as any ongoing alliance or association of three or more individuals, formal or informal, having as one of its primary activities the commission of criminal acts or purposeful violation of school policy. Inherent to the gang’s structure is a common set of identifying traits including names, signs, colors, and symbols. The following conduct or activity is prohibited and subject to consequences ranging from an initial warning accompanied by parent contact to assigned periods of short-term suspension to administrative recommendation for long-term suspension:

  • Displaying, possessing or distributing any clothing, jewelry, emblem, visible body marking, or literature that communicates or symbolizes affiliation with a gang.
  • Communicating gang affiliation through either verbal or non-verbal methods including, but not limited to, hand gestures, drawing, and electronic texting.
  • Tagging school or personal property with gang related symbols.
  • Harassment, intimidation, or solicitation toward a student or staff member relative to gang activity.

SCHOOL BUS SAFETY: School bus safety is an emphasis at Koontz Intermediate. Administrative teams from Koontz and Valley Springs collaborate to address any behavior concerns.  Proper behavior on the part of students, well-trained and properly certified drivers, carefully created bus routes and using CAUTION everyday can combine to keep students safe and our buses pleasant to ride.


  • Incident #1 – Reminder given by the bus driver if the incident is minor
  • Incident #2 – Visit to the administration to discuss rules. One or multiple day suspension from riding the bus based on the specifics of the incident is possible. Parent will be notified.
  • Incident #3 – Three day bus suspension (Parent/guardian will be responsible for transportation)
  • Incident #4 – Five day bus suspension
  • Incident # 5 –Ten day bus suspension
  • Incident # 6 – Administration will recommend bus suspension for the remainder of the school year

NOTE: Being absent from school does not count toward bus suspension. Failure to follow bus rules will be reported to the school office and may result in parent notification, an assigned seat, or bus suspension depending on the severity of the problem and the student’s placement on the school’s Bus Discipline Plan. Extenuating circumstances and/or severe offenses may result in skipping some of the above steps. The administration will handle these matters individually. Severe disruptions, i.e., fighting, weapons, etc. can result in an immediate suspension from the bus and may require the involvement of a Buncombe County School Resource Officer.