Howard, Jessica - 5th ELA/SS

Ms. Howard Hello, my name is Jessica Howard. As a Roberson High School graduate, I am so happy to have the opportunity to teach in the same district. Go RAMS! I dreamed of becoming a teacher as a child and attended Mars Hill University to make that dream a reality. I have worked in education, since graduating high school. First as a substitute, then an assistant, and finally as a certified teacher. I most recently worked in Asheville City Schools.  My family and I enjoy living in Western North Carolina. We stay busy with school and work, however we also enjoy taking walks, riding motorcycles, watching movies, and many other things together. I love teaching, have a passion for learning, and I am super excited to be a part of the Koontz team for a second year.

I became a teacher because it was my childhood dream!

I am a teacher because I value the importance of learning.

As a teacher, I encourage students to believe in themselves.

While teaching, I make every effort to create a safe, equitable, fun,

 creative, and interesting learning environment for every student.

I remain a teacher because there is nothing better than 

the smile on a child’s face when they realize they can do it!

I am a teacher because I love school pizza.

           Ms. Howard