Meet the Teacher

Hello! My name is Morgan Grooms! I am a Sixth Grade teacher and (hopefully) your student's teacher this academic year! I am thrilled to have your student join our community and I cannot wait to get to know them!

        State Fair        Mickey

A little background info on me: I am an only child of two very loving parents growing up in Asheville, North Carolina. I love the mountain life and am thankful for the unique experience of growing up in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. I am a proud dog mom to a sweet rescue named Mickey.

I knew from the moment I met my third grade teacher that I wanted to also be a teacher when I grew up ! Luckily that dream still holds true today.

I am also what you would call a "tech-geek". I even had the opportunity to work at my university's IT department while getting my degree in education. I'm a big believer in incorporating technology in my lessons, as it is a key skill future generations will be accustomed to! So expect for your student to learn how to
use all types of technology in my class. I am also a Level 1 Google Certified Educator, meaning that I am happy to help you with any of your Google related needs. 


Home/Education Awards
Teaching Philosophy
~Born in Asheville, NC
~Graduated from Clyde A. Erwin High in 2012
~Graduated with a BSED from Western Carolina University in 2016

~People to People Student Ambassador Program 2008-2012
~WHEEteach president, 2013
~Dr. Janice Holt Freshmen Leader, 2013
~Dr. Janice Holt Memorial Scholarship, 2016

~Collecting Christmas Nutcrackers

~We learn by "doing" not just listening and taking notes
~Students learn more when they do their own research and present what they've learned
~Students should have choices in how/what they learn!
~Learning should be FUN!!