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Welcome to Music!Christy Woppman

Christy J. Woppman BMED, NBCT,
Certified Music and Art K-12







Greetings!  My name is Christy Woppman and I enjoy teaching Chorus and Genral Music at Koontz Intermediate School.  My desire is to instill in students the same love for music and the arts that I have enjoyed since youth.  I possess a degree in Music Education and Vocal Performance from the University of South Carolina and have performed in choirs and as a soloist throughout the United States and Europe. I am certified to teach music and art K-12 and have a National Board Teaching license in early and middle childhood music.  I play and teach a variety of instruments and have been teaching for twenty years.


I would like to take this opportunity to impress upon you the integral part that music education can play in student development.


Why is music important?


Music participation enhances:


                                 ♪ Problem solving                                           ♪Teamwork

                                ♪ Goal setting                                                 ♪ Self-expression

                                 ♪ Coordination                                               ♪ Poise

                                                            ♪ And much, much more!



Music participation offers opportunities for shared family experiences, including:


                         ♪ Musical event attendance                              ♪ Family music making

                         ♪Performing for, and with,                               ♪ Learning about 
                           family and friends.                                            composers and cultural heritage

                                               ♪A sense of pride and accomplishment
                                                                 for the entire family!


I enjoy teaching valuable music concepts to my students. I bring high expectations into my classroom along with a hefty dose of enthusiasm and fun!  Please feel free to contact me through the school with any questions you may have. 




                                                                                                           Christy J. Woppman