Tejada, Edeifilia - Spanish


My name is Edeifilia Tejada, I am the Spanish and Conexiones teacher at Koontz.

I am from Colombia, Colombiana “de Pure sepa”: one of the good ones; because the good ones we are more. I was born in El Peñol, Antioquia but I grew up and was educated in Medellìn.

A hardworking, responsible, dreamy and trustworthy woman; lover of family, friends, education and nature.  I am a simple woman who enjoys the little things of life and always seeks to learn, know and serve.

Being a teacher was always my greatest desire, to be able to teach and learn at the same time is one of the greatest privileges that I have had.

I have more than twenty years of experience full of wonderful moments, loaded with laughter, efforts, learning and fulfilled dreams; In fact being here was one of my dreams.

I am happy and grateful with life for this beautiful opportunity to learn and teach far away from my country. I come full of dreams, goals and I hope to contribute so that together we have a year full of learning, love and peace. 

Welcome to my life!

I will do my best to be up to par and always willing to collaborate… Count On Me!