Math Unit 6 Adding & Subtracting Decimals

Unit 6:    Between 0 and 1

            Adding & Subtracting Decimals

Unit Focus:

  • Decimals, Place Value fluency and Base-10 number system structure
  • Understanding the meaning of decimals
  • Comparing and ordering decimals
  • Adding and subtracting decimals




Variety of math related games on “mathplayground”



Fun 4 The Brain (all concepts)


Math Games (all concepts)



Review decimal places - Video 


Place Value - Rock music 


Place Value - Music showing numbers


Spin to Win - Place value strategy


Equality of Decimals - Video (0.3 = 0.30 = 0.300)


Ordering Decimals - Khan video.



Builder Ted - Ordering decimals interactive


Decimal Switch - Order decimals


Battleship Numbers - Select decimals


Ordering Decimals - Read and practice.


Ordering Decimals - Drag in the correct order


Comparing Place Values - Khan video. Introduces moving decimal to the left.


Decimal Tug-of-War


Decimals - Learn Zillion video -  Place value x 10 to the left



Decimals - Learn Zillion video - Place value divided by 10 to the right.


Decimals in Expanded Form - Khan Academy video


Decimal Videos - From Watch, Know, Learn series


Understanding Decimal Place Value - slides


Introduction to Decimals - 21 videos


Decimal Rainstorm - Comparing decimals


Decimal Tiles-


Equivalent Decimals - Tutorial


Equivalent Decimals - Guided practice slides


Decimal Tiles - Drag decimals to compare.


In-Between -  Blinker is lost on an unknown planet. Help find him using decimals.


Decimal Games


Decention - Sort fractions, decimals, and percents for the Intergalactic Space Games.


Fractions, Decimals, and Percents - Many games and activities from Johnny's Math Page.


Dartboards of Fractions, Decimals, Percents - Click View Full Screen to play a variety of games.


Try This - Drag the decimals into the correct order.


Percent Panic - Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to drive the rocket-ship to work with fractions, decimals, and percents.


The Award Ceremoony - Math activities based on athletic events.


Fruit Shoot - Convert fractions into decimals.