6th Grade Tranistions to Cane Creek Middle and Valley Springs Middle Schools

We have a unique setting at C.T. Koontz Intermediate because we transition our students into 2 different Middle Schools. We have the majority of our students (those who attended Averys Creek and Estes) transitioning into Valley Springs Middle School and a smaller group of our students (those who attended Glen Arden) transitioning into Cane Creek Middle School. Counselors collaborate extensively to make this experience a positive one. There are Parent Orientation Nights conducted by both Middle Schools in early March to familiarize themselves with the school. Students and parents can tour the building, meet with staff members to answer questions and get a feel for the school's culture. 
Also during March, Counselors and Principals from the Middle Schools travel to Koontz to talk to our students about expectations, changes they will see moving from an Intermediate School to a Middle School and answer any questions they may have. Later that month, the students travel to the Middle Schools to get a hands on idea of what a day looks like in Middle School. Tours of the classrooms in session with Q and A in each give the students a well-rounded feel for a typical day in Middle School.
Tours of the facilities and conferences are set up by request to support the transition and behind the scenes, Administration, Teachers and Counselors are hard at work making sure students are supported through the entire process. We want our students to be as prepared as they can for this transition to be smooth and a pleasant experience. Feedback over the years proves just that!