Heritage Night Project

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Team reminders:
* This week your child will be bringing home field trip information for our spring field trip to Tennessee.  Please read over it and let us know if you have any questions.  
* We hope you can join us Thursday night for Heritage Night!  It is so much fun and so much good food!

ELA/Social Studies:
* This week we will be doing a lot of vocabulary work!  We have gotten a little behind the last couple of weeks.  
* We will also finally start our new class novel, Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis.  Last week, to prepare, we learned about the Great Depression's effects on people's way of life.  I've encouraged the students to ask if they have anyone in their families who were alive during the years of the Great Depression and if so, listen to their story.  Good books are excellent sources of deep conversations and, besides extreme poverty, other topics this book deals with are: homelessness, foster care, race,  and perseverance.  Hopefully, your child will share discussions with you that we have over the next few weeks. You can click here for more information about the book! 
* In Social Studies, we will continue to learn about ancient India.  To study civilizations, we break our learning into 5 parts: geography, economy, government, culture, and history.
* During our article analysis this week, we will be discussing the importance of critical thinking.  All articles we use during class for these discussions are linked to our website under the page titled "English Language Arts."  Your child can always earn some extra points for talking about the articles we read in class with an adult and have you sign it that it was, in fact, discussed.  
Class needs:
liquid glue
playground balls
I hope everyone had a great and restful weekend! A few updates from my class:
  • We will be having our End of Unit 2 math test this week! I was aiming for last week, but the weather had other plans!
  • We are continuing our look at the electromagnetic spectrum in science!
  • Please encourage our students to use our PEAK time in math class productively! Many grades were lower than expected and a big reason is not finishing PEAK time work! PEAK time is 30 minutes in class every day, and through the course of the week students must complete work in IXL, a KHAN academy video (3-5 minutes), KHAN academy practice problems (3-5 questions based on the video), and a 10 question review in CANVAS. Please reach out if you have any questions!
  • I am looking forward to seeing everyone at our awesome Heritage Night on Thursday! 
  • Let's have a great upcoming week!
Team news:
* Welcome Keira to our team and to our school!  We are so happy you are here!
* Thank you to Ben for the awesome bookmark!
* Congratulations to Fisher who made his HFC tryouts!  Way to go!  He also finished building his bike trail!  
* Thank you to Jarred for showing me how to use my key fob!
* Elvin, Asher, and Diego's haircuts look great!
* Congratulations to the following students from 2nd block who consistently do the right thing, they were rewarded with donuts!  (Hopefully we can do this reward again and have even more students participate!)  Great job to Jaydan, K, Amelia, Aydin, Briance, Naomi, Mariala, Ana, and Patience!  Also, congratulations to Kevin who is working so hard to improve his behavior!
* Thank you to Fisher for cleaning my desk fan!
* We are happy that Kishaun is ok after hitting his head.
* Thank you to Aydin for making 2nd block a behavior chart and thank you to Ashton for helping with it!
* Congratulations to Aydin for winning the LEAD ticket drawing last week!
* We hope Tav had a great time at the beach!
* We hope Theo had a fun time with friends who visited this weekend from Charlotte!
* We hope Fisher's hand heals quickly after hurting his knuckles at recess last week.
* We are so happy that Baxter and his family had a fun time at Disney!
* Thank you to Logan for reminding me not to be "meh!"
* I love that Jarred is my walking buddy at recess! We have some great talks!

Important dates this week:
Monday- Midterms go home
               Book Fair preview day for Parker homeroom
Tuesday- Class visit to Book Fair (both homerooms)
Thursday- Heritage Night 5:30-7:00
                 Happy Birthday Jackson!
Friday- Bud, Not Buddy quiz
            Leader of the Month field trip to YMCA
Click here for other important dates throughout the year!
Have a great week!

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