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Ms. Hilliard and Ms. Woppman are thrilled to announce the upcoming Spring Musical will be the Wizard of Oz!  Performances will be May 4-6, 2017

A Bulletin Board for all Musical information is set up across the hall from the Drama room (room 104), Mrs. Hilliard's class room.  Information sheets, Audition applications, Crew applications and audition sign ups will be there.  Throughout the show a calendar will be posted with all rehearsals and all announcements.   

 All rehearsals will be after school, usually until 4:30 Monday, some Tuesdays and Wednesdays.    There will be no rehearsal over Spring Break.  Rehearsals will start Wednesday, February 1 at 3:00 in the Chorus Room.  

How do I apply for technical jobs (Crew)?  You will need to complete an application for a technical responsibility.  You will need to complete the questions about why you would like to work backstage and get a parent and teacher signature before it is turned in.  Applications are not due until January 20.  If you audition and do not get a role you may still turn in a form to work on crew.


CREW OPPORTUNITIES: Students can apply for crew assignments with the application:

Stage Manager (3)-  Super responsible,  they will copy down all notes and be in charge of the show when it is up and running. These students must be at all rehearsals and shows. 

Costume Crew -  Help in organizing and setting up costumes for all characters.  Need to attend rehearsals in March, tech rehearsal,  all dress rehearsals and shows

Props Crew-  Put together a props list and collect the props for the show.  During the show they will make sure all props are in place.  Need to meet as a group in January, attend all rehearsals (Mon/Wed) in March/April, tech rehearsal and all dress rehearsals and shows.

Running Crew- Will makes sure all set changes happen efficiently and effectively.  Need to attend a tech rehearsal and all dress rehearsals and shows.

Lights Crew (electricians)- Will set up and run the lights for all dress rehearsals and shows.  Need to attend a tech rehearsal and all dress rehearsals and shows

Sound Crew-Will assist with microphones and playing the music throughout the show.   Need to attend rehearsals in March, tech rehearsals. and all dress rehearsals and shows;

Public Relations/Marketing Crew:  Will begin work immediately after rehearsals start to take headshots of all cast member, publicize the show and create the online communication about our musical- including announcements, publicity in the community, the playbill and other ways to share with the community about our incredible talent at Koontz. 


House Manager- works with a teacher to be in charge of the house (where the audience sits) and all programs before and after the show. Needs to attend final dress rehearsal and all shows.



This is the awesome Cast and Crew of Guys and Dolls, Jr. 

The Koontz 2015 Spring Musical


Cast Photo