Class Schedule

Weekly Schedule 

7:25-7:45 Arrival/Breakfast
7:55-9:25 Block 1 (Science/Social Studies with Mrs. Morrow)
9:30-11:00 Block 2 (Math with Mrs. Fox)
11:10-11:35  Lunch
11:40-12:20 UA 
12:25-1:05 Digital Communication/PE/Recess
1:05-2:35 Block 3 (ELA with Mrs. Wimbish)
2:40  Dismissal

Weekly Rotations-
Monday: Digital Communication
Tuesday: Library
Wednesday: PE
Thursday: Recess
Friday: PE

Quarterly UA Roations:
1st 9 Weeks: BITS (Mr. House)
2nd 9 Weeks: Music (Mrs. Woppman)
3rd 9 Weeks: Art (Mrs. Grow)
4th 9 Weeks:  Drama (Mrs. Hilliard)