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Bill of Rights

Food Web Exploration

Branches of Government

Checks and Balances

Biome Project

Food Chain Game

Between Pigs and Anchovies

Revolutionary War Webquest

Vocab Assessment

Revolutionary War

Weather Review

El Nino

Climate change

Weather Project

Weather Project Template

Global Winds


Vocab Assessment 1

Front simulations

Weather map


Global Food Padlet

Leap Year Article

Bill Nye Water Cycle
Water Cycle Interactives

Global Food Project Flipgrid

STEM Lab Reflection 12/6

13 Colonies Research

First Thanksgiving Webquest

Jamestown Interactive

Lost Colony Article

Explorers Interactive

Matter Interactives

Bill Nye Matter

Bill Nye Genes

Science Survey

Body Systems Interactive Study Jams

Human Body Scavenger Hunt

Social Studies Modules

Respiratory Interactive

Body Systems Pretest

Constitution BrainPOP

World Weather

Climate Change

Uniform survey


EOG Review

More EOG Review

Forces and Motion Study Jams: Click "Select Topic" and choose "Forces and Motion". Complete all six and take notes in journal.

DIGS 5/1

Weight on Other Planets

DIGS 4/24


DIGS 4/3

Predator Prey Simulation

Food Chains

Climate Change


Land and Sea Breeze

El Nino

Jet stream

Global Winds,3.53,289

Branches of Government

Leader in Me assessment

Cloud types

Branches of Government

Weather Games

Seasons Interactives

Weather data

Weather Study Jams
Weather pretest

Weather Interactives

Water Cycle cont...

Water Cycle Interactives

Christmas Around the World

Heat Transfer-NASA

Heat Transfer-BBC

13 Colonies Interactive

Heat Transfer Pre test

Jamestown Interactive

First Thanksgiving Webquest

States of Matter Brainpop

Student Activity Survey

Changes in Matter Interactives

Matter Study Jams

Chief Joseph

Lewis and Clark

Use the following resources, as well as your textbook, to create a newspaper front page all about the Lewis and Clark expedition! The newspaper template is below. You will need to MAKE A COPY, put it in your ELA folder, and share it with all group members.