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By Lydia Kampe

All jumbled up inside of my overflowing brain.  Criss-crossing paths until they can fall out of my mouth.  Jerking and turning until my head is in agonizing pain.  Sometimes I wish words would just leave.  Words often fly out of my mouth so fast people don't understand what I'm saying.
Sometimes my speaking gets caught up because the words are raising their hands, jumping up and down waiting to be called on.  But sometimes the majestic things I say make me sound a lot smarter than I actually am.  They're powerful, more so than we think.  Words can hurt others, but they can also raise people up.
It's your decision whether or not you make people's day brighter or duller.
A simple "hello" can make someone smile.  I don't understand why words fight with people, or why people fight with words.  Words tug and pull, and when they get tired of even trying, they just unravel and spill rapidly out of your mouth.  You have to choose to control your words, don't let them control you.

The Death
By Heidi Shepherd

I trance away in the night
to bite away the moon of white
to forever enjoy the ending taste
of the fruits of love
and the deadly petals of hate.