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Our 2016-2017 TED Ed team and the talks they are working on this year:

How Stress Impacts Teenagers by Albena Pivovar

20 Words to Describe Modern Day Society by Evan Vorhis

Makeup Problems and Self- Esteem for Girls by Harini Kumar

Future Technology and Cars by Harris Ibbotson

Why Discontinue Xbox 360? by Erik Solis

The Recyclizer by Trey Mosley

Some great TED Talks!
5 Must See TED Talks for Kids

What I Learned From 100 Days of Rejection by Jia Jiang

Meeting dates (all meetings will end at 4:00):
Oct. 13th
Oct. 27th
Nov. 10th
Dec. 15th
Jan. 12th
Jan. 26th
Feb. 9th
Feb. 23rd
March 16th
March 23rd
April 27th
May 11th
May 25th