The Student Lighthouse Team is a part of our Leader In Me program. These students were chosen because they have exceptional leadership skills and are committed to serving our school. Throughout the year they will work on school improvement projects, community service projects, and plan other events with the help of the Staff Lighthouse Team.

Our Mission Statement

We, members of Koontz Student Lighthouse Team, know that when we work together we can make our school better. We have positive attitudes, leadership and strive for synergy in everything we do. We know that we don't need to be big to do something big, we just need the drive to make things better.

Click here to see our official Student Lighthouse Team website (by Evan Vorhis)

I'm looking forward to the great things the Student Lighthouse Team has in store for 2016-2017!  Our members are:
 Gabbie Whitmire
Evan Vorhis
Harini Kumar 
Claire Lim
Lydia Kampe
Lydia Klepper
Sharif Chung
Cierra Steffin
Omung Chhina
Hannah White
Marcella Montgomery
Emma Jaynes
Sydney Moss
Jack Rheney
Annette Gutierrez
Oliver Smart
Henry Wilder
Laura Ellington
Shelby McIntyre
Grace Callihan
Rylee Cenicola
Gracie Stevens
Molly Berlin
Moksh Desai-Butler
Shreeya Patel- middle school mentor
DeLana Parker- Adviser

Click here to learn a little more about these amazing kids! 

Lanterns (Class Ambassador) Program
Our Lanterns led by Deborah Passmore

Adriana Escobar-Shelton
Emilee Hannah
Shelby Hensley
Emma Nichols
Lacey James
Mary Grace Mixson
Jenny Arano
Reaghann Nariss
Moksh Desai-Butler
Ryann Hernandez
Karla Martinez
Fletcher Wilson
Rylee Strongosky
Nash Lister
Eli Ingram
Itachi Eaton
Jessica Acosta-Gaspar
Felicity Lanning
Macdonald Longwe
Anthony Lindsey
Olivia Falici
Walker Rottman
Camden Ray
Bayan Ammar
Makayla Benjamin

2016-2017 Student Lighthouse Team Important Dates

All meetings will be held in room #622

(Guest speakers to be announced)


12th- Meeting 2:45-3:30- Put together Leadership Notebooks

26th- Meeting 2:45-3:30

29th- Deadline for SLT applications


3rd- Interviews 3:00-4:30 6th- Film crew at the school 7th- Scott's Creek Elementary visiting our school

24th- Meeting 2:45-4:00- Mission statement, plan for year


14th- Meeting 2:45-4:00- Guest speaker Deputy Criminal Chief Don Gast 16th- Sean Covey visit to the school 17th- Heritage Night 5:00

28th- Meeting 2:45-4:00


12th- Meeting 2:45-4:00


9th- Meeting 2:45-4:00

30th- Meeting 2:45-4:00


13th- Meeting 2:45-4:00

27th- Meeting 2:45-4:00


13th- Meeting 2:45-4:00

27th- Meeting 2:45-4:00


17th- Meeting 2:45-4:00


1st- Meeting 2:45-4:00

15th- Meeting 2:45-4:00 CANCELLED June

5th- Meeting 2:45-4:00- end of year celebration