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I hope everyone enjoyed our beautiful weekend!  Thank you to all who were able to join us at Open House last week, the turnout was great!
General reminders:
* Our field trip to Montreat is this Tuesday.  Please make sure your child wears their PE wear (for comfort) and comfortable, closed-toed shoes.  Lunch is provided (pizza, Rice Krispie treats and water). 
* This Thursday is our 1st club day!  Early release days are also days we work on global lessons so your child can wear clothes that represent who they are.  
***I am sooo proud of everyone for doing so well with the substitute on Friday when I was out for my workshop!  The notes from Mrs. Berlin were great! 
* Thank you to Isabelle for finding our quote this week: "Great things are done by a series of small things brought together." -Vincent Van Gogh
* This is going to be a fun week! We will start it by celebrating the signing of our Constitution and, on Thursday, we will learn about our world as we work on global activities.  For this day, please bring an item from home that represents your culture, your ethnicity, or simply who you are as a human being.
* I have added an in-class assignment to our weeks.  One SSR (Self Selected Reading) sheet will be due each Friday; this will be a written response to the things students are reading that they have chosen.  These will also be the books we chat about throughout the year during SSR conference time.  The sheets can also be completed on books that are read at home.  For more detail about classroom assignments, etc. check our website!
* We will be starting a fundraiser this week through Heifer International.  This program helps families in need around the world and you can learn more about it by clicking here! I will send home more information about it this week.
* Also this week, we will be continuing The Lightning Thief with a focus on comparing and contrasting 2 stories, citing evidence from text, and reading closely.

Class needs:
Lysol spray
Timers (we need about 30, these will be used to help our reading stamina)
(Thank you to the 2 parents who donated supplies on Open House night!  I'm sorry, I didn't write down who gave the pencils and highlighters to me, but we so appreciate it!)
Sooner or later, those who win are those that think they can. -Paul Tournier
I have never heard of a person, team, etc winning when they did not think they could. Let's all be sure to think we can win. 
Speaking of winning, did anyone see that Clemson vs. Louisville game? Those TIGERS looked great. 

 We will continue our Prime Time unit from last week. This week's lessons will focus on:

I Can: .determine GCF of any numbers by making a list of factors for each number

Field Trip:

I can synergize to help create a win-win in our groups.

I Can: find multiple distinct factor strings for any given product by factoring out its factors.

I can: determine whether to find LCM or GCF to solve a problem by looking at key hint words

I can explain the relationship of addition and subtraction by using number properties

Home opportunities/work will be due on Wednesday and Friday this week. 
If you have not visited the class website, then please click on the link: Class Website
The site has helpful links and information. 

Let's have a great week of leading and learning together!

Classroom Wish List: Yoga ball(s) to use as seats, "old" counter height stool(s), and paper towels
In science this week we will be finishing our study on thermal energy and delving into matter. We will be conducting a lab on the properties of matter. This will count as a project grade. The students will be exploring properties such as melting points, boiling points, solubility, mass, weight, and volume and if the amount of matter matters.
Many students have not turned in their test corrections for their first test. Please encourage your student to take advantage of this way of improving their learning as well as their grade.
Ask your student to explain why objects can feel cold even though their is no such thing as cold energy.
Team news:
* We can't wait to see Daden's new glasses!
* Shane's glasses look great!
* We hope Paige had a fun time in Florida over the weekend!
* Thank you to Eli and Jared for donations to the hurricane relief fundraiser!
* We are so sorry that Madison's cat passed away.
* Congratulations to Isabelle who has a new baby brother!
* Kaydence will have a new cousin soon!
* Camden's family will be getting new beds soon!
* Thank you to Zoey and Isabelle for doing the right thing and telling an adult about a bus concern.
* We are glad that Joshua had fun at his new lakehouse last weekend!
* Our 1st Koontz news team is Peyton, Mallory, Tanner, Molly, Nash, Shelby, and Ryann!
* Thank you Matthew W. for the great book recommendation!
* Thank you Hannah for always thinking of your teachers and bringing us morning treats!  You are so thoughtful!
* We hope Mrs. Irvin's foot feels better soon, we miss her in 3rd block!
* Joshua's haircut looks great!
* Hayden's move is finished!!!  He is now working to get settled in!
* Thank you to Kevin who helped Noah when he hit his head last week!
* Molly finally got her cast and it is a beautiful bright green!
* Thank you Hayden H. for remembering my morning chocolate milk!
* Thank you to Isabelle, Zoey, and Kaydence for making our hall passes awesome!
* Thank you to the following students who make our mornings run so smoothly: Zoey, Isabelle, Kaydence, Hayden N., Joshua, Sammy, Jared, Camden, and Eli!
* Congratulations to our first students of the year with assisted living facility pen pals- Hayden N., Camden, Mallory, Rylee S., and Marcella!  You will get the names of your pals soon!

September birthdays:

12th- Michelle

14th- Donavan

16th- Audrey

17th- Roy


19th- Tremper

21st- Paige

23rd- Matthew W.

25th- Keira

29th- Eli

30th- Kimmie

Other important dates in September:

19th- Field Trip to Montreat

21st- Early Release Day

PBIS school-wide celebration 9:00

26th- PTO Fun Food lunch fundraiser 11:00-4:00 @ Farm Burger

28th- National Junior Honor Society information meeting 6:00 PM in the cafeteria

29th- PTO Glow Run

I hope you have a wonderful week!

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