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Word of the Week: (This week we will work on our WordCatchers!)
Past words: truculent, ubiquitous, expedient, coruscate, bifurcate, felicity, dogmatic, yammer, zealot, laxity, abasement


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I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

* Uniform order forms for Valley Springs came home last week.   Be sure to get your order in as soon as you can!

* NJHS has a fundraiser for foster children going until the end of April. Here is a link if you would like to donate:

The MANNA Food Drive is going into its last week!  Some items needed are canned goods, whole grain pasta, and cereals. Let's make this last few days a HUGE help to the needy in our community!

* Don't forget to get your child's field trip money in by this Friday, March 31st!  The total is $75.00 and you can access information about the trip at the link below:

* Thank you to Angelina for the quote this week: "Don't be a label people put you as.  Be you.  Be yourself.  Be the awesome person people know you could be." -Written by Angelina
* As you know, I have been struggling with the zero vs. 50 grade issue.  I have decided to continue to give 50s instead of zeroes for missing work, but please, as always, stress to your child the importance of turning in their work.  If they stay caught up on their assignments it won't matter what their future teachers' philosophies are on grading.  
* Encourage your child to play around with Google Sites on their gmail account.  This is the proposed platform that will be used for a digital portfolio beginning in 7th grade and it would be great for them to already be familiar with it.  We are working with it in class as we are able to fit it in.
* We will have our Writing Celebration this Friday! The kids have been working hard on their writing over the last few weeks and I am excited about those who want to share their stories! This is a great way for them to build a love of writing through having an authentic reason (an audience) to write for. If you would like to sign up to send an item in please use this link:
* Don't forget to check out your child's and all of our students' digital work so far this year!  They each have a folder that holds all their PROBEs, past work, essays, stories, etc.  (Remember that your child should have 25 PROBEs completed by May 1st, instructions are on our website.)
* This week we will be finishing our final project related to the novel Dragonwings.  The students are creating newspapers which will partly double as their informative writing piece required for 6th grade.  They are using it also to practice point of view.  They are looking great so far!  Click this link to see requirements they are working from:
I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people. 
-Mahatma Gandhi
Let's be leaders this week by getting along with people!

Mr. Compton's homeroom, remember that projects are due this week. Thank you to those of you that have finished and sent them to me. For the videos and presentations you will need to send those to me via email and for the Kahoots you will need to email me that link. Finally, for any other activity just ask me how you need to send it to me. 

This week in math we will start the unit on Equalities. Most people would call this unit Algebra. We will cover the following topics:  
  • the meaning of exponents
  • understand the meaning of positive integer exponents
  • evaluate expressions that include exponents
  • substitute a value for a variable in an expression involving exponents
  • work with simple expressions involving exponents
  • retake most recent test and quiz

Wish list: Paper towels

Let's have a great week of learning and leading together. 
Coming soon!
General news:
* Kenic and Tony M.'s haircuts look great!
* Congratulations to Kaiya who got the opportunity to visit a college campus last week!
​* Congratulations to Adelina for getting a new phone!
* Thank you to Lucas and his mom for donating some pretty great magazines!
* We are glad Atziri's dentist appointment and teeth pulling went well and that it is over!
* We are so happy that Brian G.'s brother found his phone!
* Thank you to Tyler for donating newspapers!
* We hope Lydia's braces go on well this week!
* Thank you to Kaiya and Joey for some great presentations last week!  Kaiya taught us how to shape copper and Joey showed us a really cool website on space (!
* Congratulations to Kaiya and her dance studio for doing awesome in their point competition!
* We are pulling for Angelina's brothers- one to get over his strep throat quickly and the other to pull up his grades!  We know you can do it!
* We are so excited that Corey has decided to do Parkour again!  We are so proud of how well he is doing lately!
* Congratulations to Angelina on getting a new water bottle!
* We are so glad that Kai is finally back!  We missed him!
* Thank you so much to my afternoon helpers!  Finn, Zackary, Moksh, Brandon, David, and Jason do such a great job keeping things running smoothly!  
* We are happy for Evan who got to meet Carl Azuz with CNN10 last weekend in Atlanta for his birthday weekend!
* Thank you to Hannah for the great idea for our Character Journal Entries!  They will be starting soon!
* Congratulations to Lucas for winning the Melody of the Week on the morning announcements last week!
* Congratulations to Jason for losing his last baby tooth!  

* Congratulations to Lachler's homeroom for winning the agenda percentage this week with 85%! Way to go guys! Parker's homeroom was 2nd with 82% and Compton's homeroom was 3rd with 79%. Continue to help us encourage this important habit!

* If you would like to schedule a parent conference click this link and type in your name.  We would love to meet with you!

​(We will add April dates soon!)​

March birthdays:

1st- Cameron

3rd- Tahnia

11th- Hayley

20th- Evan and Kai

27th- Gabi

31st- Alondra and Josh

April Birthdays:

6th- Summer

11th- Aidan

14th- Ella

21st- Eythen

22nd- Ataylei

Other important dates in March:

27th- Cane Creek and Valley Springs open house 6:00PM

28th- Extended Day

29th- MANNA Food Bank guest speaker 11:00

Mindfulness class 1:45-2:30

30th- Early release- school dismisses at 12:30

      End of grading period

31st- Writing Celebration

MANNA Food Drive ends

Other important dates in April:

3rd- Extended Day (your child may stay after school until 4 to work on anything they need to work on)

PTO fundraiser night at Wild Wings 4:00-8:00

4th- Tours at the middle schools

5th- EOG practice ELA test

6th- School of Hard Knocks activity

7th- Report cards go home

Parker's homeroom to Estes Elementary 10:00

PBIS Social 1:30

10th-14th- SPRING BREAK!

19th- Extended day

20th- NJHS Induction Ceremony

21st- PROBE presentations

26th- Extended day

28th- Early Release (school dismisses at 12:30)

Have a wonderful week!​