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Heifer International Read to Feed- sponsored by Mr. Compton's homeroom

Pen Pals from Italy! (Ms. Lachler's homeroom)

This week's checklist

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! 
General team announcements and reminders:
* Thank you to everyone who attended and who supported Heritage Night!  It was so much fun!
* There is no school November 22nd-24th.  
* Please check Powerschool often to keep track of your child's grades and things they may be missing.  If you have not gotten your password for Powerschool yet, you can stop by the office before 4:00 to pick it up.  They also have access to it during school.  

* Thank you to Camden R. for our quote this week, "All for one, one for all."
* My homeroom will be walking to Estes on Tuesday morning to meet our reading buddies, please be sure your child wears comfortable shoes and warm clothes.
* We will be creating a class anthology this year, (thank you Molly for this idea!), that will hold all of our amazing stories, poetry, and artwork.  You will hear more about this soon!
* We have started working with a website called No Red Ink to practice parts of speech, grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. High school English teachers are using this in their classes as well to prepare their students for the ACT and SAT.  It is a lot of fun and I think it will be a great benefit to all of our students. You can check it out at
* Other things we will be doing on this short week will include presenting the amazing suitcase projects that were turned in last week and enjoying hearing about things that are special to us in our 2nd Show and Tell of the year!  For this Show and Tell there is a digital portfolio component that your child needs to complete by November 30th.
Important links:
Class needs: 
black sharpies
Don't concern yourself with things that done concern you. If it's not your business, don't make it your burden. -Toby Mac
We too often take on things as our burdens that we shouldn't even be a part of. This holiday season, let's be mindful of minding or own business. 

This past week our 6th grade math team meet and decided on some non-negotiable expectations for math assignments of all kinds. 
Please ask your child what these are and why each of them are so important. (They are posted on the classroom board.)

I Can:

multiply or divide by the unit rate to calculate missing values in a table of equivalent ratios.

I Can: .

Solve more sophisticated problems involving constant speed while working with the most abbreviated table of equivalent ratios.

Home Ops are attached below. 

Classroom wish list: Duct tape

Let's have a great two days of learning and leading together and have a wonderful Thanksgiving break!
***Ms. Lachler has no access to internet this weekend because of her move.  She will be back to sending her news next week! 
Team news:
* We hope Ms. Lachler's move went well this weekend!
* We are so sorry to Isabelle's family for their cat who was hit by a car.
* We hope Trinity's brother's football tournament went well this weekend!
* Great job to all the students who have taken advantage of extra credit opportunities this 9 weeks!
* Thank you to Camden R. for helping out with the laptops before testing last week!
* Congratulations to Josh for getting a GoPro!
* Congratulations to Austin who was selected Student of the Month in his homeroom!
* We hope Michelle and Camden R.'s sister had a good time in the parade on Saturday!
* Paige's braces look great!
* Noah's sister had her 1st indoor soccer game this weekend!
* Thank you to Matthew W.'s family for classroom supplies!
* Good luck to Molly as she enters the Creative Communications poetry contest!
* Congratulations to Abby who was a 9 point bracelet winner for the PBIS LEAD social!
* We hope Logan's sister had a great birthday party over the weekend!

November birthdays:

5th- Matthew M.

6th- Isabella

7th- Peyton


8th- Reina

10th- Jacob

16th- Matthew D.

18th- Keirston

21st- Travis

23rd- Alice

Visit our website, "Important Dates at a Glance" for other important dates happening throughout the year!

Have a wonderful week and a Happy Thanksgiving!

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