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This week's checklist

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I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! 
General reminders:
* Class pictures are tomorrow (February 19th).  Your child must wear their uniform (collared shirts, no PE wear) for this picture.  
* Growth and Development classes will be taking place next week (week of Feb. 26th).  You will be receiving a letter about this soon if you haven't already.
* We are having a lot of problems with students putting their hands in others' trays or lunchboxes, playing with and throwing their food during lunch.  Please remind your child, as we have, about the importance of cafeteria etiquette.  
* The Student Led Conferences have been so great to watch the last couple of weeks! Thank you to everyone who took time out of your day to come listen to your child talk about their progress and their goals!  
* Please let us know if you need another copy of your Class Dojo code so you can keep track of your child's day.  
* Please review Koontz' uniform policy with your child especially where it relates to outerwear.
* Tickets for the 5th/6th grade celebration, Under the Sea, will go on sale next week (week of February 26th).  The tickets are $5.00 and only 100 per grade level will be sold.  Look for more information coming home this week!
* Our quote this week is "I don't want a Black History Month. Black History is American history." -Morgan Freeman (In this interview, he was asked, "How do we stop racism?", he replied, "Stop talking about it.")  Let 's all work to respect one another as human beings.  During our discussions this week we will be looking at an interesting website called Parable of the Polygons  which will help us look at the effects of bias in our communities.
* This week we will be continuing the discussions our novel Dragonwings sparks and the historical events that inspired the story.  
* We will also continue some awesome writing this week.  Some students will work on digital portfolios, some will peer edit, and some will work on entries for our latest contest Do the Write Thing. Last year, one of my students won this contest for 6th grade in Buncombe County!  
* Reminders of important links- 
Readworks- this is where I get our EOG practice packets, you will have to create a free account.  Online reading and question practice is also available.
EOG vocabulary- these are the words we are tested on each week.  This list is added to weekly.
Weekly Lesson Plans- check here to see what we are doing each week.
Student Technology Work- check out digital portfolios, digital PROBEs, etc.

Class needs:
- pencils (please encourage your child to keep up with their pencils, many are being "borrowed" and never returned)
- small treats for Class Dojo rewards

A man is but a product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes. -Mahatma Gandhi
I love that this quote reminds us to be mindful of our thoughts. Be careful, always of your thoughts. 

This week begins a new unit in math and I know many students and possibly many parents are glad about that. This unit is called, Arithmetic in Base Ten.  It is basically a decimal unit and we will review adding and subtracting decimals and learn the algorithm (THANK GOODNESS) for multiplying and dividing numbers including decimal numbers. 
We plan to cover the following learning targets this week:

I Can:
Use vertical calculations to add and subtract decimals, including calculations that require writing additional zeros and composing or decomposing a base-ten unit.
I Can:
Use understanding of place value and fractions to reason about multiplication of decimals and the placement of the decimal point in a product.

Morning Ops Feb 19

I Can: .
Use area diagrams and partial products to make sense of a multiplication algorithm.

Morning Ops Feb 19

I Can:
use a product of whole numbers to find a product of decimals ANDuse a multiplication algorithm

I Can:
use the partial quotients method to find a quotient of two whole numbers when when the quotient is a whole number.

Morning Ops Feb 19

Morning and Home Ops are attached below. Remember even though these are all assigned on Monday, they are due each day and we will go over them each day. Students, use a colored pencil to make corrections as we go over both the Morning and Home Ops. IGNORE the date on Home Ops. It is a typo. 

Let's make this a gold medal week of learning and leading together. 

Classroom needs: tissues and paper towels
This week's precept:  "Whatever you are, be a good one." -Abraham Lincoln.
* This week starts Random Acts of Kindness week, so let's focus on inspiring others in everything we do each day-let's be a good role model!
* In Social Studies, we are picking up the pace and will be covering three chapters per week, with this week covering the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia-the Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians (Chapters 4-6).  
* As we read, we will be focusing on the main components necessary to grow a civilization, 
o   a stable food supply
o   a social structure (class structure/jobs)
o   a system of government
o   a religious system, and
o   advances in arts, technology, and language.

We will be examining how each civilization met these criteria

We will also be completing an in-depth look at Hammurabi’s Code of Laws. 
Finally, we will have our assessment for Chapters 4-6 on Monday, February 26
​Team news:
* We will miss Trinity and wish her the best with her move and at her new school!
* Welcome to Ashlyn!  We are so glad you are on our team!
* We hope Zach feels better soon! 
* Congratulations to Camden R. and Sterling for winning 2nd place in their championship basketball game over the weekend!
* Thank you Michelle for bringing the teachers hot chocolate last week! 
* We are glad Christian is feeling better after a concussion! 
* Congratulations to the following students who were the 1st to reach the first Class Dojo reward for this semester: Camden R., Jolette, Zach, and Truck!  Click here for more details on our 2nd semester rewards!
* Thank you to Caprice for always checking my mail at the end of the day!
* Sterling's got his bottom braces on and they look great!
* Great job to Hayden H., Zoey, Jolette, Abby, Kaydence, Logan, Ryann, Mallory, and Camden R. on their box projects!  
* We hope Kimmie's mom feels better soon!
* Great job to Shane for taking amazing math notes!
* Thank you to Matthew W. for making super cool valentine's for his homeroom!
* We are happy that Travis had an awesome time in Disneyworld last week! Even though he missed some days he still got his work done, way to go Travis!
* Thank you to Sterling for sharing his magic with us!
* We hope Daden's sore gum, Ryann's elbow, Truck's wrist, Kyleigh's scratch, and Donavan's arm heal quickly!  Wow!  
* Daden, Marcella, and Camden M.'s haircuts look great! 
* Thank you to Zoey and Michelle for re-doing our 2nd load hallway poster!
* Tell me what was sore on Daden for an EOG practice pass this week!
* Thank you to Geena for donating supplies for our classroom!
* Congratulations to Caprice for being selected to participate in Word on the Street!  We are so proud of her!
* Thank you to Logan who organized our computer cart last week!  It looks so much better!
Birthdays this week:
​24th- Geena
Click here for other important dates!

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