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Field trip pictures taken by Joey

Self esteem quiz


Word of the Week: (This week we will work on our WordCatchers!)
Past words: truculent, ubiquitous, expedient, coruscate, bifurcate, felicity, dogmatic, yammer, zealot, laxity, abasement



I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
* If you have not already, please make sure your child brings back both their laptop and their charger so we can be prepared for testing.
* Be sure to send back money for Spring pictures as soon as possible and the pictures you are not purchasing.  Your child will not receive a yearbook if they do not get this turned in.
* If your child has not yet turned in their Frightful's Mountain book please remind them to bring it this week.  I will send a list out soon of missing books. 
* EOGs are almost upon us!  If you would like to send in some snacks for those days; popsicles, granola bars, etc. that would be great! 
Parker: (classroom needs- Clorox wipes, pencil top erasers)
* Thank you to Moksh for contributing the quote this week: " The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction." -Rachel Carson
* We will continue to work on our digital portfolios this week, this is the platform that will be introduced in middle school to collect your child's writing.  Click here to see some of our portfolios in progress!
* This week we will continue to prepare for EOGs with strategies for testing.  One of the biggest ways your child can prepare is through building their endurance for reading on the computer. This link will take you to some places that they can practice:

“The main thing to do is pay attention. Pay close attention to everything, notice what no one else notices. Then you'll know what no one else knows, and that's always useful.” 
― Jeanne DuPrauThe City of Ember
(Read this book!)

I knew that I would eventually come back to this quote. It is my favorite quote and oh so true.

Wow, 14 more days of school. It seems like the meet-the-teacher was just a short time ago.  We still have a lot to do and will work right up to the last day of school, so remember EOG is not End-of-year. 

This week we will cover our lessons on data sets and distribution. We will learn or review reading and making graphs, plotting data, identifying mode, median, range, and mean. In addition, we will continue review for EOGs. Our Home Ops and Morning work will be continued from last week as well.

Let's have a great week of learning by paying attention to everything.

Wish List: Paper towels

This week in science we will be learning about moon phases, eclipses, and ocean waves. Ask your student what causes the phases of the moon (the answer is not shadows). Also exciting is a total eclipse can be seen near us this summer, Aug 21.  Ask your student why it can only be seen in certain areas.
  We are running short on time for students to improve their grades. Making sure they are checking powerschool and turning in anything they have a zero for and making test corrections on paper tests. They also need to be reviewing everything we have learned in science.

Team news:
* We hope Jason's thumb is feeling better!
* We hope Lacey had a great time in Mississippi this weekend seeing her cousin's graduation!
* Thank you to Heidi for sharing a cool emoji website!
* Congratulations to Albena, Heidi, and Lydia for having their poetry selected for submission into Creative Communications!
* We hope Lucas' toe heals quickly!
* We hope Alondra's brother feels better!
* We hope Monserrat, Lydia, and Emma Kate had a great dance recital! 
* Thank you to Albena for being so willing to help out Nichita!
* We hope Catelyn's bass audition went well on Saturday!
* We are so happy Finn is back with us after another bout with strep!
* Good luck to Boston as he prepares for his upcoming hockey tournament!
May birthdays:
3rd- Tony C.
4th- Isis
6th- Savannah
11th- Miguel
12th- Heidi
16th- Ameya
19th- Zane
25th- Jason
26th- Shawn
30th- Walker

Other important dates in May:
22nd- Pen pals to Heather Glen 4:00 PM
23rd- Strings Concert 7:00 PM
25th- Extended Day
         Final TED Ed celebration 2:45-4:00
26th- Final PROBE presentations
         NJHS Breakfast 7:00 AM
29th- No school- Memorial Day
30th- EOG- Reading
31st- EOG- Math
         Extended Day

Important days in June:
1st- Band concert 5:30
2nd- Hawk visit to school
5th- Science EOG test
6th- Field Day
7th- School of Hard Knocks
8th- LEAD Social 1:30
9th- ALL fines must be paid (cafeteria, laptop, charger, library, etc.)
9th- Awards ceremony
       Early release
       Last day of school!

Have a wonderful week!