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Rockmont 2017

NJHS Memories 2016-2017 by Trey Mosley

Our 2016-2017 officers:
President- Omung Chhina
Vice President- Lydia Kampe
Secretary- Catelyn Banks
Treasurer- Emma Kate Jaynes
Historian- Trey Mosley
Technology Assistant- Evan Vorhis

Check out our NJHS candidate speeches!

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NJHS informational PowerPoint Presentation
Service Hours Form
Weekly NJHS News (check here if you missed the weekly email)

"The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively." -Bob Marley

The National Junior Honor Society Pledge
I pledge myself to uphold the high purposes of the National Junior Honor Society to which I have been selected;
I will be true to the principles for which it stands;
 I will be loyal to my school and will maintain and
encourage high standards of scholarship, leadership, service
character and citizenship.
Looking for ways to be kind, earn some service hours, and make the world a better place?  Check out the links below!
Operation Gratitude
Craft Ideas for Seniors
Samaritan's Purse
Elderly Needs and Ideas
Send Kids the World
Doing Good Together
Color a Smile
A Million Thanks
World Vision
Random Acts of Kindness
Do Something

  (If you have questions after reading through the information below, please email me at!)

          I am very excited to be offering the opportunity to recognize students with high academic achievement into the National Junior Honor Society.  Once you become a member, your active status depends on you maintaining the grade requirements and doing the service hours.  We will have the induction ceremony in the spring of 2017. 

To join:

·         You must complete 12 service hours and fill out the service hours form.

·         Return the completed service hours form by Tuesday, February 28th, 2017. 

·         Turn in a copy of your 1st semester grades and 3rd nine weeks grade to Mrs. Parker in room 622. 
*        Pay dues of $20.00 by February 28th, 2017.

Membership requirements:

·         Student must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA for each of the first 2 nine weeks in a school. Invitation and induction into the National Junior Honor Society will take place during 2ndsemester.

·         A student must preferably have no grade below a “B” in any class to be considered for membership.

·         Once a member, a student must participate in club service projects and activities unless specifically excused by the sponsor.

·         A student must represent the ideals of the club and chapter by constantly exhibiting character, credible academic achievement, leadership and commendable attitude, both in and out of school.  Membership will be determined by the recommendation of a faculty committee after a student meets the academic criteria.  Office referrals that result in Out Of School Suspension or more than one In School Suspension will cause a student to be excluded from membership.

·         A student must complete 12 hours of documented community service.  These activities should benefit other individuals or organizations around the school, community or religious institution.  The documentation needs to be completed and signed by a representative of the organization that benefited from the service.  Documentation must be turned in before a student will be considered eligible for membership.

·         A student who fails to meet the above academic requirements after induction will be placed on probation and given 1 nine weeks to correct the deficiency.  If the correction is not made or the student has another academic lapse during the same school year, his/her name will be removed from the membership roster.  A student that fails to demonstrate acceptable character or behavior will be removed from the membership roster if a majority of the faculty deem that appropriate.

Service hours ideas:

·         Rake leaves for an elderly neighbor or friend.  Have your parents sign the documentation form.

·         Help set up and clean up from holiday parties or meals at your religious institution.  Have your Paster, Rabbi or Priest sign the form.

·         Make cards or tray decorations for people who get Meals On Wheels or who are in nursing homes.  Have your parents sign the form.

·         Collect food from friends and relatives and take it to Manna Food Bank, Hearts for Hands or the Giving Tree at the Mall. Have your parents sign form.

·         Volunteer at the school in one of your teacher’s rooms to staple papers, clean the classroom, etc.  Have your teacher sign the form.

·         Help an elderly neighbor work inside or outside his or her home.  Have your parents sign the form.

·         Call a nursing home and volunteer to help and visit with the residents.  You can read, talk, play the piano, etc. at the nursing home.  You need to call the nursing home before you go.  Have a nurse at the home sign your form.

·         Cook a meal for an elderly neighbor or a busy working mom or dad.  (NOT your own mom!)  Have your parents sign the form. 

·         Volunteer at Brother Wolf or Friends for Animals.

·         With your parents help, you can go and work at places like ABCCM, Manna Food Bank and other service organizations.  (Many of these will not let you help at their facilities without an adult.)

Our 1st informational meeting for parents and students will be Thursday, September 15th at 5:30 in the cafeteria.

  • 2016-2017 National Junior Honor Society

Important dates

(mandatory meetings are highlighted in red and times for each meeting will be 2:45-4:00 in the Gymnatorium unless announced otherwise) 


15th- 5:30-6:30PM- Parent information meeting (Cafeteria)


4th- Meeting- student general information/plan for year

8th- Eblen Walk, Run, or Roll

11th- Meeting- Guest speaker Kirsten Cone Operations Director CarePartners PACE

15th- MANNA Food Bank 1:00-3:00 (by sign up only)

25th- PACE CarePartners service 3:00-4:00 (by sign up only)

31st- Brookdale Halloween Party 4:00 (by sign up only)

November- Fundraiser focus- ABCCM Blankets and Winter Clothes Drive

7th- Report cards due and deadline for sign-ups to be a prospective NJHS member

      PACE CarePartners service 3:00-4:00

12th- MANNA Food Bank 1:00-3:00 (by sign up only)

15th-Meeting- Guest speakers- Senior Panel

28th- NJHS candidate election posters due to Mrs. Parker

29th- Optional after school work session 3:00-4:00

December- Fundraiser focus- Eblen Toy Store and Council on Aging

3rd- Eblen Toy Store 3:00-5:00 (by sign-up only)

6th- Meeting- NJHS candidate speeches

7th-14th- Voting is open for NJHS officers

12th-16th- Secret Santa week

13th- PACE CarePartners service 3:00-4:00 (by sign up only)

16th- NJHS Breakfast 7:00-7:40AM (Secret Santa revealed!)

        Christmas caroling at Brookdale Assisted Living 1:00 PM!  (by sign-up    only)

       Christmas caroling at Heather Glen Assisted Living 4:00 PM (by sign-up only)


20th- Christmas caroling at PACE CarePartners 1:00 PM (by sign-up only)

January- Fundraiser focus- Brother Wolf

14th- MANNA Food Bank 1:00-3:00 (by sign up only)

17th–Meeting- Guest speaker Pamela Slater, Assisted Living Director and Joyce Jones, Activities Director at Heather Glen Assisted Living

23rd-PACE CarePartners service 3:00-4:00 (by sign up only)

24th- Optional after school work session 3:00-4:00

27th-NJHS Breakfast 7:00AM

February- Fundraiser focus- WNC Council on Aging

National RAK, Random Acts of Kindness, Week (more info coming soon!)

6th–Report cards due

7th- Guest speaker- Sarah Davis

9th-15th International Random Acts of Kindness Week (more info coming soon!)

18th- MANNA Food Bank 1:00-3:00 (by sign-up only)

21st- Optional after school work session 3:00-4:00

24th- NJHS Breakfast 7:00AM

28th- Service hours and dues ($20.00)

March- Fundraiser focus- MANNA Food Bank

1st- MANNA Food Drive begins
7th–General meeting

11th- MANNA Food Bank 1:00-3:00 (by sign-up only)

14th- Optional after school work session 3:00-4:00

21st- PACE CarePartners service 3:00-4:00 (by sign up only)

24th- NJHS Breakfast 7:00AM
31st- MANNA Food Drive ends

April- Fundraiser Focus- WNC Council on Aging

National Student Leadership Week (more info coming soon)

4th- Optional after school work session 3:00-4:00

18th–Meeting- Induction Ceremony rehearsal

20th-7:00 PM Induction Ceremony- Keynote speaker Gene Rainey
25th- PACE CarePartners service 3:00-4:00 (by sign up only)

28th- NJHS Breakfast 7:00AM

May (NJHS Spirit Week and Camp Rockmont dates to be announced)

1st- Interview projects due- will be displayed around school

26th- NJHS Breakfast 7:00AM


6th- Meeting- Project and ice cream end-of-year celebration


Yearlong NJHS Activities


Project and Presentation (more info to come)

Interview Project (optional-due May 31st)

  • Using our theme of Learning Compassion Through Legacy, choose a person, or multiple people, to interview about their lives.
    • Make sure you have clear interview questions
  • Make a poster displaying the knowledge and new perspectives you have gained through this interview.  The goal is to show off this knowledge in a way that allows those who see your display walk away having learned something about the legacy of the person or people you choose.  You may include:
    • Pictures (either of the person or of an object that symbolizes the person.  Examples would be: the person’s hands if they were a painter, pictures from the time period they were young, patriotic symbols if they are a veteran, etc.)
    • Quotes from interview
    • The interview questions you asked
    • oEtc.!
  • Have a theme for your poster and be creative!

    These will be hung throughout the school and celebrated at the end of the year! 

    Afternoon Work Sessions (optional)

  • These can be used to work on:
    • Interview project
    • Group projects
    • Fundraising
    • Committee work
    • Brookdale Reading Club (optional)

  • We will meet once a month to read with a resident at Brookdale Assisted Living

    Fundraising (throughout the year)

    Shiloh Community Center

  • Hip-hop lip sync video with elderly community members

    WNC Council on Aging

  • Fundraising and collections for elderly care needs
  • Yard work service in Deerfield Community
  • Christmas boxes
  • Senior Wish Tree

    Group service projects throughout the year (sign-up only)

  • Brother Wolf
  • Heather Glen
  • PACE Carepartners
  • Brookdale
  • North Carolina State Veteran’s Home
  • Veteran’s Restoration Quarters

    12 service hours are due February 28th. Ideas for service hours:

  • Helping a neighbor
  • Helping at your church
  • Individual volunteer work at an organization
  • Group activities
  • Help a teacher in the school
    • Media helper
  • PACE CarePartners (sign up only)
  • Heather Glen Assisted Living (let Mrs. Parker know if you are interested in these)
    • Sundays 2:00 PM Craft Time
    • Game Day once a month

      Meetings once a month (some will be guest speakers-see schedule)

      ***You may not miss more than 2 meetings

      Elections for NJHS officers (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer)

  • Those who wish to hold an office will:
    • Prepare a speech
    • Make election posters
  • Posters will be displayed November 28th-December 16th
  • Candidate speeches will be given December 6th
  • Voting will be available from December 7th-December 14th
  • Results will be posted December 16th

    Mentoring Program (optional)

  • Serve as a mentor to a 5th grade student
  • Give extra help with assignments
  • Be a friend and role model

    Secret Santa (optional)

  • The week of December 12th, you will pull a name from a hat and that will be the person you are a “Secret Santa” to.
  • The week before Christmas break, Dec. 12th-16th, you will bring and receive small gifts each day for someone whose name you have pulled.
  • On Friday, December 16th you will discover who your Secret Santa was!

    Committees (optional)

  • NJHS Wall
  • Student announcements
  • Student newsletter
  • Campaign manager (needed only during November and December)
  • Guest speaker welcoming
  • Fundraising

NJHS Breakfasts

Induction Ceremony (April)

Camp Rockmont end of year celebration (May)

End of year ice cream party (June)

2015-2016 School Year

Click here to see our fun at Rockmont last year! 
 Click here to see pictures and videos of 2016-2017!

 Thank you to Mr. Bill Willard for being our guest speaker!  We loved learning about the Titanic and tips for being a great leader.  We will never forget Rachel's Challenge!
1. Look for the best in others
2. Dream big
3. Choose positive influences
4. Speak with kindness
5. Start your own chain reaction 

                                   Thank you Brian Turner for spending the afternoon with us!  

 Thank you Rick Manheim for sharing your leadership with us on rm     February 23rd!  

 Check out our new NJHS announcement wall!

denise bitz  

 Thank you to Denise Bitz, Founder of Brother Wolf, for being our guest speaker on February 2nd!

Thank you Mr. Koontz for being our guest speaker on December 15th! 
mr koontz  

g smith  Thank you to City Councilman Gordon Smith for coming to speak to us!  October 20, 2015

Our first guest speaker of the year, Charles Bolno- WWII veteran .  Thank you Mr. Bolno for spending the afternoon with us!
                                                                       mr bolno  
Click here for even more pictures! 

 Leadership Project (Click here to see some projects in progress!)

* Each month we will have a guest speaker who comes to talk to us about leading with kindness.

* Take notes and ask questions to get more information about each speaker.

* Your task will be to create a presentation, using Canvas, about all of the presenters/community leaders that will be due by May 1st, but you can work on it throughout the year, each time you meet a new presenter.

* You must include for each:

     * Facts about the person

     * Photographs and pictures that represent the person

     * In your presentation answer the following questions:

1. What makes this person a leader?

2. How do they portray the 7 Habits?

3. What stood out as important to remember from this person's speech?

4. What examples can you take from this person to apply to your own life?

5. Anything extra that you want to include!  The goal is to celebrate each person as the leader they are!

***Add your own creativity!  These will be shared with the school as you work throughout the year, some will be shared at Induction Ceremony in April, and 3 will be chosen to send to our presenters!  All will also be featured on the NJHS website. 

***You will receive an extra credit grade in your ELA class!

Thank you to everyone who attended the parent meeting on September 17th!  It was such a great turn out and I know it is going to be a great year!  If you were not able to attend and still have questions after reading through the information on this page, please feel free to email me or stop by my classroom (Room 619).  The deadline for new prospective members is November 4th.  After that I will not accept new members.  

 Click here to see our project submission certificate for this school year!  Our theme will be "Leading the Way with Kindness ".

Click here to see the child we are "adopting" from Uganda, Africa this year.  Our fundraising efforts will help provide his educational needs for this school year! 

 Looking back... 
 2014-2015 National Junior Honor Society

National Student Leadership Week 
April 19-25 

 Click here to watch the video of Dr. Madison's visit! (Retired physician and World War II Vet)

 A couple members of our Mural Team hard at work on a snow day!  They are getting our mural ready that we will be donating to the NC Veteran's Home.
Check out the coverage of our mural on Never Stop Learning!  

We LOVED our visit from the Warrior Service Dogs!  
Click here to see the pictures!

Click here to see the Never Stop Learning showcasing our organization!

Click here for our secretary Madison Shaw's awesome PowerPoint with some great reminders! 

The results of our Brother Wolf drive!  Thank you everyone who donated!
 brother wolf   

 ***Thank you to Luci, Temple and Victoria for videotaping speeches!
President: Jonathan Gilreath (Click here to hear his speech!)
Vice President: Harrison Best (Click here to hear his speech!)
Secretary: Madison Shaw (Click here to hear her speech!)
Treasurer: Rachel Shao (Click here to hear her speech!)
Historian: Perry Berlin (Click here to hear her speech and click here to check out her Historian Blog!)
We will have an officer's meeting on Wednesday, January 21st at 3:00!
Click here for all the other awesome speeches!  

 We were so happy to have Mr. Koontz for our guest speaker!  Click here to hear his wonderful speech!

A little bit of relaxation after the meeting! 
njhs njhs njhs njhs njhs  

Here is the load going to Eblen after our Warm Drive!
 Warm Drive
Some of the Christmas cards we sent to veterans! 

 Pictures from our work session/optional meeting on December 16th!
njhs njhs njhs njhs njhs njhs njhs  

National Junior Honor Society is an organization that stands for high expectations.  Requirements to be a part of the organization are leadership qualities, strong character, no lower than a B average in all subjects, and service to the community.  Here at Charles T. Koontz we take these standards very seriously.  Some of the activities we are involved in are:

·         Vet Card Project- We are making cards and writing letters for veterans throughout the year to make connections and lift spirits.  We welcomed a guest speaker on December 9th to talk to us about this project.

·         Homeless Baggies- We are collecting small personal comfort items to put into a baggie that can be left in a car we travel in often.  When we see someone as we are out who looks like they could use some help, we hand the bag out the window to them.

·         “Warmth” Drive- We are working with Eblen to collect warm items for the homeless and the needy.  We are collecting scarves, socks, blankets, coats, etc.

·         5th Grade Buddies- Some of the members are working with 5th graders to encourage them, help them with schoolwork and be a friend and mentor.

·         Officers- We are holding an election in January for various offices: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Historian.  This will help us to practice democracy and responsibility to our organization.

·         Brother Wolf- We are collecting items for dogs and cats at Brother Wolf throughout the year.

·         Trinity Place- We are collecting personal care items for this teen shelter throughout the year.

·         Care Partners- We are collecting items for care packages for Hospice patients.

·         Group Service Project- We are splitting up and visiting 3 places on January 19th, Charles George VA Medical Center and 2 veterans’ homes, to form relationships and to learn from these great people. 

·         RAKs- Students are performing Random Acts of Kindness throughout the year by putting notes on student lockers, notes and small gifts to teachers and staff members, etc.

·         Secret Pal- Many students have chosen to participate by drawing a random name to whom they are giving small things to make that person feel special each day throughout the year.  They will find out who their secret pals were at the end of the year. 

We are excited about the small differences we are making in so many lives while building character at the same time.

Officer Information 
President: Lead meetings, make sure everyone who needs to speak is heard at meetings, serves as assistant at induction ceremony, speaks to 5th grade potential NJHS members at the end of the year.

Vice President: Takes over president duties if president is not present, watches over and answers questions for all committees, helps to speak to 5th grade potential NJHS members at the end of the year.

Secretary: Keeps track of discussions and meeting agenda notes, hands out any memos or flyers.

Treasurer: Helps to keep track of money for group: dues, expenses, etc.

Historian: Keeps a binder full of information about NJHS, records activities and other happenings, gives information to upcoming 6th grade potential NJHS members at the end of the year. 



Our Year of Service

National Junior Honor Society



***It was a difficult process because there are so many great causes and heavy needs, but with some wonderful ideas from Mrs. Board and Ms. Stingel, I have decided on the following causes for our focus this year in National Junior Honor Society!  You will hear more about these soon, I just wanted to let you know as soon as I could so you could start thinking, planning, collecting, etc.***

·         VetCard Campaign- more info on this to come. 

·         Write a letter to veterans:

·         Warrior Service Dogs:

·         Wounded Warrior Project:

·         Holiday Mail for Heroes:

·         Kids Thank a Veteran:

·         Ways to help a veteran:

·         Brother Wolf:

Brother Wolf’s Wish List:

For Our Dogs:

·         Leashes

·         No-slip collars

·         Easy walk harnesses

·         Dog toys (Nylabones, Kongs, squeaky toys, etc)

·         Peanut butter


For Our Cats:

·         Litter, any brand

·         Cage scratchers from

·         Gently used scratching posts or toys


For Our Kittens:

·         KMR Milk Replacement Powder Bottles (small kitten size)

·         Elongated nipples for our tiniest kittens

·         Heating pads

·         SnuggleSafe discs

·         Shallow cardboard/shirt boxes

·         Non-clumping, non-clay litter

·         Non-flavored Pedialyte

·         Meat-only baby food (no onion or spices)

·         Sheets and Blankets (fleece and very soft acrylic the best)

·         Specialty Items:

o    Nebulizer

o    Digital Scales

o    Incubators

o    Bottle Warmer (the kind used for human baby bottles

 Pictures from our December 9th guest speaker, Joe Elliott with the VetCard Campaign!
njhs njhs njhs  

Pictures from our December 2nd optional meeting!
njhs njhs homeless baggies njhs njhs njhs njhs  

Here is a helpful link with lots of information about this organization!
More really great links: