Ever wonder where all those grades come from?  Below is everything you ever wanted to know about how your child can make an A! 

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Being able to use and agenda to keep up with responsibilities is such a crucial skill in life.  Agendas will be checked in my classroom each Friday.  I will be checking to see that it is really being used; dues dates written down, important dates, assignments, to do lists, etc. even tracking of things outside of school!  The agenda can be any format that works for your child (a book, agenda pages kept in their binder, a notebook, an electronic agenda, Google calendar, cell phone notes and calendar, etc.)
My policy:
3 missed agenda checks= think sheet
5 think sheets= a 50 in the grade book
9 weeks with no think sheet= an extra 100!

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Character Journal Entries
This is your place for journal entries as they would be written by a character in a book you are reading! They can be done on our Edmodo page or on paper.  Requirements for your entries are:
1. Include the title of your book
2. Include your character's name
3. Write from 1st person point of view ("I" statements) as if you are the character
4. Must be at least 10 sentences (but can be more!)
5. Due each Friday (I will comment when I have checked you off)
5. OPTIONAL- check others' entries and comment on them or ask them questions

Reading Response Notebook:
Each week this notebook is used to take notes on our whole class or small group reading and record our SSR reading thoughts.  KEPT AT SCHOOL AND DUE EACH FRIDAY

Writing Notebook:
This is where all your child's wonderful writing will begin.  It will hold their rough drafts, their writing ideas, their poetry, their comics, etc.  When we revise stories to publish them online or into books those stories come from this notebook.  NEVER TURNED IN

Writing Assignments:
These are polished pieces of writing that got their start in the Writing Notebook.  We will have several times during the year that we choose one to type and publish.

EL Assignments:
These are assignments completed in class throughout the year and that compliment our new "EL" Language Arts curriculum.  In the gradebook, these will often show up as "Unit ___, Lesson ___".

Reading Assessments:
I will announce a week in advance when a reading assessment is scheduled.  There will be 3-5 each 9 weeks.

We will do vocabulary building activities that will be assessed through vocabulary quizzes 2-3 times each 9 weeks.

PROBE Research:
PROBE stands for Personal Research On Basically Everything and may done either digitally through Google Slides or in a composition notebook.  PROBEs must:
* include a title page/slide
* include at least 10 facts about the topic
* include at least 3 "I wonder" questions
* include at least 1 picture or drawing
* have ALL sources cited
25 complete PROBEs are due May 1st, 2017.  We will work on them at least once most weeks in class, but students can work on them at home as well.


Homework (All homework is OPTIONAL meaning it will help your grade, but cannot hurt it!)

Reading Comprehension Passages
Annotate text as you read and answer the multiple choice questions.
Due each Friday

Reading Journal

This is a place for your child to record their reading.  There should be at least 3 entries each week with points given for going “above and beyond”.  Minimum requirements will include the title, page numbers read and a brief summary or thoughts about the last thing read that particular night.  DUE EACH FRIDAY

Occasional Project Work:

 Most projects will be at least partially completed in class.  Anything that needs to be completed at home will be accompanied by detailed instructions and due dates. 

Homework change in January 2017:

Beginning in January, one reading comprehension selection with questions will be assigned each week.  These will be gone over as a class with a focus on multiple choice strategies. 

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