2016-2017 Syllabus
2017-2018 syllabus coming soon!

Our Year Together

* Bring your Reading Response Notebook and your Writing Notebook to class each day

Our Classroom Library

1st 9 weeks:
Theme: Myths-Not Just Long Ago

Guiding Questions and Big Ideas:

What is the hero's journey?
What makes a myth?
Why do myths matter?

Guiding Text: 

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
en espanol

2nd 9 Weeks:

Theme: Working With Evidence- Rules to Live By

Guiding Questions and Big Ideas:

What are "rules to live by"?
How do people formulate and use "rules" to lead better lives?
How do people communicate these "rules" to others?

Guiding Text:

Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis

Compton's homeroom activities
Hough's homeroom activities
Parker homeroom activities

Other Resources
Activism (informative essay work)
Click here for a great link to research activists through the years!

Our list of famous activists who will be ready to teach us all about themselves and what they stand for!
Writing a Biographical Essay
Video: Childhood Lost- An Overview of The Great Depression
Jazz Poster Project

Jazz music
Steve Jobs Commencement Speech
Great website (thank you Daniel for sharing!)
President Obama's Back to School Speech (2009)

3rd 9 Weeks:

Theme: Understanding Perspective- The Land of the Golden Mountain

Guiding Questions and Big Ideas:

How does an author develop the narrator's point of view and perspective?
How does an author's culture affect his perspective, and how is that perspective communicated throughout his writing?
How does an author's purpose affect the narrator's point of view?
What is the purpose of a newspaper article?

Guiding Text: 

Dragonwings by Laurence Yep

Other Resources:
Check out the Dragonwings blog by Moksh! 
Check out the Dragonwings blog by Makenna!

Video- Welcome to Canada
Immigration Facts
Profiles of Successful Immigrants
Famous Immigrants

Dragonwings Assignments

San Francisco Earthquake video- thank you for finding this Kaiya! 
4th 9 Weeks:

How Wolves Change Rivers
Environmental Issues (contributed by Christopher)
Frightful's Mountain Quiz by Evan Vorhis

Theme: Reading to Research and Writing an Argument- Insecticides: Costs and Benefits

Guiding Questions and Big Ideas:

Human actions have environmental consequences.
Reading for research can lead to informed claims and powerful argument writing.
Do the benefits of DDT outweigh its harmful consequences?
How do human actions affect the natural world?
How do different authors approach providing information and making an argument?
How does reading for research help me to form an opinion and make an argument?

Guiding Text:

Frightful's Mountain by Jean Craighead George

Helpful Links:
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NCCCS (This site will answer any questions you have about public school curriculum)
Seven Habits  (These 7 Habits are what guide us through everything we do at school to help us become positive leaders with outstanding character!)
In English/Language Arts we will focus on:

·         Citing text to prove our thinking when answering questions about what we have read

·         Theme

·         Plot

·         Figurative language

·         Comparing and contrasting text

·         Reading and comprehending fiction and non-fiction

·         Writing argumentatively, fictionally, narratively and poetically 

·         Using technology for writing

·         Conducting research and citing sources using both technology and books

·         Collaborative discussion

·         Public speaking and presentation

·         Vocabulary building and word parts