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Asheville Treetops Adventure Park

Posted by McCall at 9/10/2014 9:00:00 AM
Asheville Treetops Adventure Park
6th Grade Team-Building Field Trip
Date: Tuesday, September 22nd 
Description: Students from the McCall/Rana team will participate in team-building games and problem-solving challenges.  It's a fun experience that helps build trusting relationships between peers.  In the past, students have created mutual memories that create a special bond with their classmates.  The facilities and staff are incomparable!  Students can explore at their own pace and comfort level.  They do not have to complete any portion of the course if they do not feel 100% comfortable.  It is meant to be a fun day where students can interact and encourage peers while getting some fresh air and exercise!!!
Activities: Team-building games
                   Treetops obstacle course
                   Ziplining on KidZip
                   Lunch under the canopy
Cost: $45   
Timeline:   Permission slips, both waiver forms, and payment slips are due ASAP - no later than Sept. 18th
                    Payment due no later than September 21st
Students should wear their PE wear and bring a bagged lunch and water bottle (or request a cafeteria lunch).  Shoes should NOT be open-toed!  Absolutely NO flip-flops - it is unsafe!  No devices are allowed.  Approved Koontz outerwear is recommended in case of chilly weather.
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