Mr. Decker, Ms. Coules, and I use Remind frequently to communicate with parents. This is an easy communication system that works through the app or through text messages. You are able to respond straight back to us through the text and it will come to us and we can respond as quickly as possible. We have gotten a lot of great feedback in previous years from using this tool. We send remind messages home about homework, tests, field trips, early release days, when papers are due, picture day, and many other things. I even encourage my students to sign up so they get some of the important information as well.

Please sign up for only for your homeroom teacher's messages. We send messages to our own homerooms, and specific classes depending on homework, class assignments, and other reasons. Below are the images with directions and the codes for each class. If you have any questions about anything with this service, please feel free to ask any of us.