5th Grade Information

5th Grade Drama Information

    5th Grade Drama Information

    Lori Hilliard


    (email is the best method to communicate with me)

    WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? For this nine weeks, everyday, your student

    will be exploring the wonderful world of creative dramatics. Our course will

    be comprised of many collaborative activities that teach skills on becoming a

    character, playwriting, and design for technical theatre. We will integrate the 5th

    grade ELA, science, math and social studies curriculum with Drama for many

    lessons. There will be many opportunities for students to perform and create.

    WHAT IS IN THE WRITING? Drama vocabulary and notes will be compiled in

    your student’s drama folder (a three brad pocket folder with notebook paper).

    Please make sure your student brings a folder to class by September 2 in order

    to keep up with class activities.


    Students are responsible for bringing a pencil and
    folder to class every day they have Drama class.


    Creative Drama is an active class and
    positive participation is always expected. I will use the Koontz Intermediate LEAD
    expectations in the classroom.

    L= Leadership within the classroom. Be a positive role model.
    E=Empathy. This is essential in a Drama class as students are
    encouraged to take risks, share their feelings, and work together.
    A= Accountability.Students are accountable and responsible for being 
    prepared, keeping up with work and staying on task. 
    D= Determination. Students are encouraged to make mistakes in order to learn. They should try new things.  Learning includes failures along with success. 
    Incentives: Students who demonstrate outstanding positive participation and
    show leadership in the classroom will be given a PBIS bracelets for going above and beyond expectations.

    Consequences are dependent on the specific behavior and include verbal
    warnings, change of seat or redirection, personal conferences with a behavior
    contract, and think sheets (to be signed by the parent and student and returned.)
    Severe behavior infractions will result in the above and an office referral with parental contact.

    Please refer to the student expectations for more specifics.


    60%- Participation in class (actively taking part in the class, encouraging others,
    bringing supplies to class, daily participation grades.)

    20% -Folder and quizzes (keeping up in the class folder with notes, vocabulary)

    20% -Projects and presentations (including group and individual projects, rubrics
    will be provided for each project.)

    Each nine weeks students’ report cards will reveal the student's earned grade in Drama. 

     Meets Expectations (M) = an “A” or “B” in the class. 80-100 points

    Needs Improvement (N) = a “C” or “D” in the class. 60-79 points

    Fails to meet expectations (F) = a “F” in the class. 59 or lower points

    ***Buncombe County Policies are subject to change for Unified Arts grading for Intermediate schools

    HOW CAN A PARENT HELP OUT? Parent Assistance

    There is no assigned homework for this class, but there may be occasional research,
    memorizing of lines or working on a project that students may work on at home. There
    are no rehearsals or performances afterschool. All class skits and presentations take place
    during class time. Parents are welcome to come and see the class presentations during
    drama class when they occur.


    There will be a school wide musical in May this year. Auditions will be in January
    There will be opportunities for actor/singers and technical crew in both 5th and 6th grades.

    Thank you for your attention to this document and your support. I look forward to
    meeting you soon. Please do not hesitate to call with any questions or concerns.