Weekly Home Opportunities

Home Opportunities can be found on Canvas and/or our math book online. 
Most days it will be the Practice Problems from that day or the day before. 
If a paper copy is needed, then make sure those are requested before lunch on Monday. 

Home Opportunities is required to be done by each student. However, the assignments are graded for doing the work not if it is correct. 

Home Ops count for 10% of the grade. 

Math book online: http://math.openupresources.org/

Compton (homeroom) Home Opportunities and lessons Link: https://bcs.instructure.com/courses/32671/modules (student login is necessary)

Hough Home Opportunities and Lessons Link:
https://bcs.instructure.com/courses/32664/modules (student login is necessary)

Parker Home Opportunities and Lesson Link:
https://bcs.instructure.com/courses/32630/modules (student login is necessary)