Wizard of Oz cast list published!
Wizard of Oz cast list published

WIZARD OF OZ cast list

Congratulations to all the students who auditioned for the Koontz Spring Musical.  You were all fantastic, courageous young people and we are very proud of you for having the confidence to audition.  Please remember if you are not cast, you may still apply to be part of the Stage Crew. Applications will be accepted until Tuesday, January 31.   


Parents need to pick up in the lower loop by the gym at 4:30p.m.   



Hickory/ Crow 2

Enrique Ibarra-Villa

Zeke/ Winged Monkey

Garrett Swaney

Hunk/Crow 1

Harris Ibbotson

Uncle Henry

Elijah Seligman

Aunt Em/ Oz Lady

Lydia Klepper


Sammi Hasser


Marcella Montgomery

Glinda / Oz lady

Gracie Stevens

Ms.Gultch, Oz Lady

Cassidy Thiel

Apple Tree 3/ Winkie

Harini Kumar

Apple Tree 1/ Winkie

Upasana Lama

Apple Tree 4/ Winkie

Monserrat Vasquez

Apple Tree 5 / Winkie Leader

Raistlynn Shute

Tornado/Apple Tree 2 /Winkie

Heidi Shepherd

Apple Tree 6 / Oz lander

Julia Freeman

Tornado/ Oz Lander

Preslie Walton

Boat 1/Oz Lander

Kiaya Lane

Boat 2/ Oz lander

Trinity Kennedy

Crow 1/ winged monkey

James Bell

Crow 3/ Winkie Guard

Jared Barnwell

Crow 4/ Winkie Guard

Andrew Calvert

Munchkin/ Oz Lander

Annaston Bell

Cowardly Lion

Grace Ann Callihan

Professor Marvel/ Wizard

Tony Murphy


Sam Collett


Derek Ray

Munchkin Lullabye League / Oz lady

Chloe Bell Edwards

Munchkin/ Jitterbug

Phoebe Smith

Munchkin/ Winged Monkey

Jacob Arruda

Munchkin /Jitterbug

Brooke Bielema

Munchkin /Winged Monkey

Gavin Murray

Munchkin /Winged Monkey

Abrielle Anderson

Munchkin #1/Jitterbug

Hadley Askea

Munchkin #2/ Jitterbug

Mackenzie Barratt

Munchkin Barrister/ Winged Monkey

Ella Kirby

Munchkin City Father 1/ Oz Lander

Emma Nichols

Munchkin City Father 2/ Oz Lady

Claire Lim

Munchkin Coroner/Oz lander

Peyton Douglas

Munchkin Lollypop guild/ Jitter Bug

Tanner Dickelman

Munchkin Lollypop guild/ Oz Lander

Zoe Cole

Munchkin Lollypop guild/Oz Lady

Ella Giuliani

Munchkin Lollypop guild/Oz lander

Laura Gall

Munchkin Lullabye League/ Jitterbug

Hannah Ciavardone

Munchkin Lullabye League/Jitterbug

Alina Gall

Munchkin Lullabye League/Jitterbug

Lauren Bielema

Munchkin Lullabye League/Jitterbug

Kate Nunnally

Munchkin Mayor/ Oz lander

Colin Taylor

Munchkin/ Oz lander

Annaston Bell

Munchkin/ Oz lander

Lilly Gray

Munchkin/ Winged Monkey

Maya Ciocian

Munchkin/Oz lander

Teriyiah Smith

Munchkin Lollypop guild /jitterbug

Shelby McIntyre

Oz Guard

Jenna MacIntyre

Oz Guard

Nina Goldman

Oz Doorman

Zoe Schruckmayr

Winged Monkey

Ryann Hernandez

Witch of West

Molly Berlin

Stage Managers

Omug Chhina, Logan Davis, Brianna Colman

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